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Why People Use WH Cox for Storage in Surrey

Posted on May 23, 2018 by W.H. Cox
Surrey Storage

For many people, finding extra space at home or in the workplace is difficult without upgrading to a larger property. And for most people, that’s not possible due to the costs. Moreover, many people love their home, but they collect a vast amount of possessions with every passing year. Before you know it, the garage is full, the loft is unusable, the shed is off limits, and you’re using the spare room as your last storage space.

There is a solution for people who need to create more space at their home in Surrey. At WH Cox & Son, many of our customers use us for their storage needs. It can help create more space, but it’s also an excellent way to safeguard your valuables from theft or damage.


Reasons Why People Use Us for Storage in Surrey –

The WH Cox team like to get direct feedback from our customers and we always discuss why they use our services. The reasons for why people use storage vary, but the common thread is always the security it offers.

A lot of people have valuable possessions that they don’t want to keep at home. Some have had previous bad experiences of damage and theft, and they no longer take chances with their expensive belongings.

For people who are moving to or from Surrey, there can sometimes be delays in moving dates. Rather than cancel the purchase of your new home, you can use WH Cox’s storage units to store your possessions. Some people also like to store their furniture for future use, if they purchase new items when redecorating.

Local companies in Surrey use us when they need more space for stock or materials surplus. At peak periods, like Christmas and Easter, supermarkets and other businesses run out of space in their warehouse. By using WH Cox, they can find an easy solution.

Other WH Cox Services to Compliment Storage –

WH Cox has a range of services to suit everyone’s needs. We’re known as Surrey’s best removals and storage company, and we have a variety of vehicles for suit every type of removals job. Whether it’s a small local move or a relocation to another part of the country, we have the right removals package for you.

We relocate people in Surrey and all over the UK, and we often move people to Europe and further afield. WH Cox has removals and storage packages to suit everyone’s needs, and we believe that removals and storage should be available to all, which is why we keep our prices as low as possible. WH Cox & Son are part of the Master Removals Group. Our reputation for being Surrey’s favourite moving and storage provider all stems from our high level of customer service.

WH Cox works with hundreds of business customers every year. We do office removals every week of all sizes. It’s vital that we build close relationships with our clients because we hope that they use us again for removals and storage.

The WH Cox team know all about IT migration and transporting expensive equipment. It’s our job to reduce the stress of your office move and to transport everything carefully. We have the right packing materials to make sure there is no damage.

WH Cox covers the whole of Surrey, Middlesex and we do a lot of removals from people moving from London. Because we’re situated outside of London, we’re able to offer the same level of service you’d receive from a London-based company but at much lower rates. WH Cox’s team has extensive knowledge of the areas we cover, and we plan each detail with our customers to make sure we fit around their schedule.

WH Cox & Son – We’re Surrey’s Favourite Storage and Removals Company –

Storage is a vital option for people who need the additional security it provides. Most houses and flats aren’t built with the same level of protection a storage unit can offer. One of the biggest offenders when it comes to damage is damp conditions, which is present in most homes. At WH Cox, our storage units keep out the elements and our security measures safeguard your possessions from theft.

Storage is not just about the excellent security measures. When you book a storage unit with WH Cox, you’ll be creating lots more space at home or the office. You can put your car back in the garage or convert one of the rooms in your house. If you’re using us for business storage, you can store your archive filing cabinets.

People from all over Surrey use our storage facilities are often recommend us to their family and friends. There is nothing more satisfying than asking a new customer why they choose us, only to hear that one of our customers made a referral. Providing the highest level of customer service is our number one priority, in addition to making our storage packages affordable.

WH Cox & Son has earned its reputation for being Surrey’s favourite moving company by our hard work and dedication to our customers. Contact us today to discuss your storage requirements.