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Posted on March 27, 2020 by W.H. Cox

With whole populations confined to their homes in the UK and around the globe, we’re in times for which there’s no frame of reference. Shops are closed and businesses curbed to the bare minimum of activity. And yet it’s in these straitened circumstances that it’s become apparent just how vital the removals industry is to the health and prosperity of the people. We’re not just about moving people from one place to another; we’re part of of an intricate chain that has to stay in motion, or else catastrophe can occur. We often help people who are in the grip of immense personal challenges (e.g. Parkinson’s sufferers) and whose move will have an enhancing effect on their comfort and health.

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Coronavirus prompts No 10 to suspend housing market

Posted on March 27, 2020 by W.H. Cox

“The housing market was effectively suspended by the government last night in an unprecedented move as the sector was plunged into chaos by the coronavirus outbreak.

Banks struggling with the volume of customer inquiries, difficulties with valuations and legal uncertainty has led ministers to call on people to delay moving.

Finance has dried up with mortgage providers ceasing to offer many new home loans. They include Lloyds, which owns the Halifax and Bank of Scotland and is the largest player in the market, and Barclays.”

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Reasons Why Surrey Has the Best Commuter Towns

Posted on March 11, 2020 by W.H. Cox
The Most Popular Commuter Towns in Surrey

For anyone who dreams of an ideal career, London is where business thrives, and innovation happens, which is why tens of thousands gravitate towards it every year. However, for a lot of people, London can become a bit exhausting several years down the line. And for others, the lure to live in the capital to get a high-profile job doesn’t appeal to them. That’s why many people continue to opt-out of living in London for a quieter life in one of the many commuter towns.

And because of its location and excellent range of properties, Surrey is the most popular place to find a commuter town.

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