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Office Removals Surrey, Middlesex & S.W. London

Office moves within Surrey, Middlesex and South London is an area where we excel

Office Removals Surrey, Middlesex & S.W. LondonGet a quote

Office Removals Surrey, Middlesex & S.W. London

Moving offices can place a strain on any business, be it large or small. That’s why WH Cox & Son Removals offer business moves designed to minimise any and all negative impact on your productivity. We can move you overnight or at the weekend and our moves including full IT migration, to ensure that you’re fully up and running at your new premises come Monday morning. We’ll keep your whole team apprised of developments and give you a personal move manager so that there’s just one point of contact and no opportunity for crossed wires. Our trained, experienced movers use forethought, planning and strategy to ensure that there’s no stress for you and no room for error for us. We’ll construct the entire process so that there’s no need for your company to experience a hiatus or downturn in its fortunes.

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Among the attributes that WH Cox & Son brings to each move are efficiency and joined-up thinking. We’ll plan and timetable your move, taking all the responsibility (including health and safety issues and paperwork) on to our shoulders and off yours. We’re part of the Master Removers Group, a global network of moving companies with access to every conceivable moving expert. Perhaps the most delicate aspect of an office move, IT relocation, is handled by highly trained, dependable experts so no matter how complicated your set-up, we’ll painstakingly pack it up and reassemble it at the other end of the journey. We’ll use the most sturdy, specialist packing materials so that nothing can come to harm in transit.

At your new office, we’ll use the latest recommissioning techniques to get your network and servers active and ready for the working day. Once your move is over, we’ll provide aftercare on the telephone and, if necessary, face to face.


For forty years, WH Cox & Son have been helping companies change premises. We have the kind of expertise that can only be gained over time. We know the potential pitfalls of a move so we know how to avoid them. We’ll sit down with you and quickly get an understanding of your business and how it works. It’s by listening to you that we can work out how to move you in such a way that your company is not adversely affected. Everything you entrust to us, from your furniture to your computers, will be handled carefully and packaged and labelled appropriately. The main thing to understand is that when we move you, you’ll end up with a new office that’s completely workable from day one.


No job is too large or too small for WH Cox & Son. And no job is too complicated. We have specialist equipment for dealing with the bulkiest and most challenging items. We’ve moved everything from one-man operations to multi-storey, international corporations and we’ve done it swiftly and safely. Whether you’re moving to an exact replica of your old office or wanting a brand new layout, we’ll realise your vision. We can deal with contractors so that you can focus on work.


From beginning to end of your move, you’ll have a personal move manager. This is someone from the WH Cox & Son team whose attributes are a match for your specific requirements. Having one central point of contact means that the opportunity for confusion and crossed wires is diminished. It also means that you only have to note down one phone number and email address instead of juggling an entire contacts book. Your move manager will keep you and your team apprised of all developments.


You can move overnight or at the weekend with WH Cox & Son, so the likelihood of your company taking a financial hit because of loss of productivity is nil. There needn’t be any unwanted downtime and you and your staff can come into a brand new office on Monday morning and get straight on with your work. There’s no reason, in this day and age, for a company to experience a slow-down when they move premises. We’ll make sure that you don’t.


When you’ve moved into your new premises, we won’t abandon you. We provide aftercare to get you through any teething problems during your first few days and weeks. If you’re having problems with IT, furniture or work-stations, we can help. We offer repairs, refurbishment, recycling, storage, an excellent document/file-management service and more. So if, for example, you’ve moved into a smaller office, we can help you free up space by putting all your archives into our storage facilities.


If you find a company whose quote is lower than ours, just get in touch and we’ll either match it or beat it. Simple as that.


WH Cox & Son have storage facilities and inventory-management services that can help streamline your working life. We provide all kinds of storage for all kinds of requirements, both short- and long-term. Our fire-proof, ultra-secure facilities are clean, safe and affordable, with round-the-clock CCTV. Everything you store with us is noted in our inventory-managed system which means that retrieving it is easy.

Our purpose-built, bone-dry, spotless facilities are suitable for everything; artworks, climate-sensitive goods, computers, furniture and more. Everything gets stored so that it’s safe from the ravages of time and the elements. We use the latest Redcare security programs and our warehouses are fully alarmed. With fire prevention and expert surveillance, everything is safer than houses. The wooden crates we use have been approved by storage experts because they keep everything safe from damaging condensation and other nasties. We have units in a range of sizes, so even if you only want to store one item, we can help. Alternatively, with some units reaching nine feet, there’s no limit to what you can give us for safekeeping.


Self-storage can work like a bolt-on room to your office. You can use it for stock management and it gives you plenty of flexibility. At WH Cox & Son, we can glance at your business plans or sit down and talk to you and then advise you as to which self-storage option will most benefit your business.


An office move can be ruined by inept tech migration. That’s why WH Cox & Son will work in tandem with your own IT team to make sure that your IT relocation goes without a hitch, with everyone satisfied and your whole team able to work as normal at your new office from day one onwards. IT is delicate and fiendishly complex and should only ever be handled by trained personnel who know what they’re doing. We have just the people for it. We’ll decommission and pack up your hardware with painstaking care and attention to detail. We can also clean your equipment while it’s out of use so that you can start the next chapter of your working life with gleamingly clean computers and equipment. We’re able to offer PAT (portable appliance testing) and we use the latest decommissioning/recommissioning techniques. Whether you’re a large company with whole rooms of servers or a smaller operation with just a couple of desktop computers, WH Cox & Son can make sure that this most fragile undertaking is done carefully and respectfully.


WH Cox & Son are experienced in all aspects of an office move. No job is too large or too small. You’ll get the same quality of service whether you’re a bustling multi-national or a small startup. We can help devise a new layout for your office or simply recreate the old one and we’ll move you without causing your company to slow down and lose money. We can take on as many aspects of the move as you like, including negotiating with sub-contractors (should you be having refurbishments done), budget management, site management and more.


Our IT specialists are experienced at all kinds of office moves and they understand how worrying IT relocation can be when there’s seemingly so much that can go wrong. We’ll collaborate with your own IT personnel to ensure that it’s an efficient, careful and wholly successful job, leaving you and your team able to work at full speed as soon as you enter your new premises. Slipshod IT migration can be the ruin of a company. Our diligence, planning and forethought will protect you from such an unwanted outcome. We’ll make sure that all your computers and equipment are packed up in such a way as to protect them in transit. We also have an equipment-cleaning service and can perform PAT testing (portable appliance testing).


WH Cox & Son’s storage and inventory management system can really let your company breathe. We’ve been helping companies for years by giving them just the kind of storage they need. We have safe, spotless, secure, fireproof facilities with constant CCTV and failsafe alarm systems. Whether your needs are short- or long-term, they can be answered by WH Cox & Son storage. Our retrieval system means that as soon as you need a document, it can be identified and presented to you.


If your move is to another sector of the same building, WH Cox & Son can make it fast and easy. Every bit of quality and care that we bring to longer distance moves is very much in place when we do internal moves. We’ve helped all kinds of companies in need of quick internal moving. Let us help you too.