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Removals To Germany From Surrey and SW London

Removals To Spain From Surrey and SW London

Removals To Germany From Surrey and SW LondonGet a quote

Removals To Germany From Surrey and SW London

Efficient, dependable, experienced… those are just some of the qualities you look for in a moving company, especially when you’re relocating to Germany. We’ve been going for forty years and have moved clients to and from every country on the Continent. Getting your belongings from the UK to Germany, no matter how large or small your move, is what we do best, using the latest vehicles and equipment. We have experts at the ready to help with difficult, fragile and valuable items, making sure they’re adequately packaged for the journey so that they come to no harm. We’re part of the Master Removers Group, a global network of moving companies sharing their expertise and resources. All the headaches of an international move, including form-filling and customs-related bureaucracy, can be handled by us so that you needn’t worry about them. Whether you’re moving permanently or just for a limited period, we can help. We have German-speaking personnel and we’re a member of the BAR (British Association of Removers) which means we’re held to a set of rigorous standards. This means a better service for you and peace of mind throughout the process.

We’ll wrap and pack up your entire home (or everything in it that you’re taking with you) and load our vehicles with great care so that your possessions are safe. Whatever the weather or traffic conditions, we’ll get everything to your new home at the agreed time on the agreed date. We’re nothing if not punctual. WH Cox & Son’s German moves are undertaken with painstaking attention to detail, care and consideration. A large chunk of our efforts goes into making sure you have a stress-free experience. We’re always at hand to answer questions and reassure you.

Whether you’re moving permanently to Munich or just studying for a year in Berlin, WH Cox & Son will get you settled within a day of your arrival. Our full packing/unpacking service means you can have a completely habitable home from day one onwards. If you’re doing your own packing, let us know and we’ll provide the finest, most study packing materials.

Germany part-load moves

WH Cox & Son offer a handy part-load service. This means that your belongings share a moving consignment with other clients relocating to Germany, bringing down the overall cost with no diminution in quality. You get the exact same WH Cox & Son service but at a lower price. We move people to Germany all the time, so there’s never a long wait for a shareable moving consignment. The part-load service is best suited to people moving a small (e.g. one-bedroom flat) amount of goods.

Moving from Germany to the UK

WH Cox & Son can move you back to the UK from Germany just as efficiently as we moved you in other direction. If you need to send a few items of furniture back home but aren’t ready to come back in full, let us know and we can place your goods into a part-load service. No job is too big or small and all the quality and care we put in place for your outward journey will remain in place for your return.