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The Best Pubs and Restaurants in Surrey

Posted on July 31, 2017 by W.H. Cox
The Best Pubs and Restaurants in Surrey

Surrey is packed with excellent places to visit. It’s renowned for its green spaces, stunning views and popular residential areas. A lot of the bigger towns attract people leaving London and other big cities. A lot of Surrey connects to various places which connect with London which is ideal for commuters who work in the city.

WH Cox calls Surrey home, and for over forty years we’ve relocated thousands of people. We know Surrey like the back of our hand. Here are some of our best picks for pubs and restaurants in Surrey.

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Surrey –

Crazy Bean Café, Bookham – the Crazy Bean Café is one of our favourite local places in Bookham. It’s café food done to perfection.

Phil You Up, Leatherhead – while this is not strictly a restaurant, Phil You Up is a unique burger van that receives rave reviews as is considered one of the best burgers in Surrey.

The Old Plough, Cobham – you can get a hearty pub meal at the Old Plough with a broad range of food and drinks of the menu. Noted for its excellent service and friendly staff – worth checking in for a bite to eat.

The Tudor Room, Egham – if fine dining is your thing then it’s off to the Tudor Room. You’ll find a menu that serves trendy dishes you’d find in London, famous British and European dishes.

Petriti’s Restaurant, East Molesey – Petriti’s is another fine dining place that offers a similar style of menu to the Tudor Room, as well as its vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Well worth a visit to East Molesey to boo a table.

Popular Residential Areas in Surrey –

Guildford – one of Surrey’s largest towns, Guildford has a lot of the amenities and activities on offer you’d expect from a city. In that sense, it’s a natural scale down for ex-Londoners. It’s steeped in history and has some amazing places to visit. It’s full of cultural events and an abundance of entertainment and places to eat out. With an average commute of 40 minutes by train to London, we believe that Guildford is the perfect fit for people who want to move outside of the capital.

Farnham – smaller than Guildford, Farnham is a market town that is home to a lot of independent retail shops which have a long history of their own. Places like Rangers Furnishing, Elphicks and Pullingers have all been in business since the 1800s. Excellent transport links to London, lots of leisure activities and a good education system, Farnham is somewhere to note on any Surrey viewing list.

Woking – is bigger than Farnham but smaller than Guildford. One of the main things to note about Woking is how close it is to London – you can commute by train and be there in under 30 minutes, which makes Woking the perfect place for people who work in the capital. The town has a healthy economy that supports some larger companies, as well as having a good support network for SMEs. It’s transport links make this the commuters’ choice.

Leatherhead – further away from London with a commute time of approx. 51 minutes, Leatherhead is still a decent distance away for people undertaking a regular visit to London. Leatherhead is the smallest town on our list and is our choice for individuals who want a calmer pace. It has all the same amenities that you’d expect in a town and is trending as a popular place for ex-Londoners.


WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Favourite Removals and Storage Providers –

If you’re looking for somewhere outside of London to settle down, then we recommend you put Surrey on your list. The popular residential areas mentioned above all have their charm and unique way of life. Surrey is well connected to rail networks, which is useful for people who commute to London.

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We cover the whole of Surrey, Middlesex and we do a lot of removals from people moving from London. WH Cox’s team has extensive knowledge of the areas we cover, and we plan every detail for every job.

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