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The DONT’S of Moving House

Posted on June 27, 2016 by W.H.Cox

We all know a lot of the ‘do-s’ of moving – the things it’s vital to have on the checklist and work our way through. Most of us have moved quite a few times by early adulthood and feel we’ve got it down to a fine art. But sometimes, we’re much closer to a pitfall than we realise and one false move could undo all the hard work and usher our house-move into a state of peril and disaster. So it’s worth thinking about the things not to do during or even before a move. If you know some of these potential mistakes, you’re far less likely to make them. Your move can go ahead as planned without being derailed by disaster. It’s just not worth being rash or taking un-calculated risks when you’re doing something as important as moving into a new space for living, a space where you may be intending to stay for years and years, perhaps forever.

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