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Choosing the Right Removals and Storage Service in Surrey

Posted on June 18, 2021 by W.H. Cox
Choosing the Right Removals and Storage Service in Surrey

When you’re at the beginning stages of moving to a new home, it can feel a bit like grasping at thin air. How does anyone know what type of removal service they need weeks or months beforehand? And trying to work this out seems like a stressful exercise to inflict upon yourself, especially as relocations tend to be chaotic. So how would someone go about booking a removal service that offers the best customer service?

Luckily, the simple answer is to work with a reliable removals company to set you on the right path. Of course, you’ll need to do some research to find the ideal provider, but there are effective ways to do this. In this blog, we’ll give you some pointers on the tasks you should take the lead on. And then we’ll note the others that the moving company will have experience with.

A Range of Removals and Storage Services –

Having more choice is essential but can also make decisions more difficult, especially if you’re new to this. So, to speed this up, we’re going to suggest you concentrate on finding a removals company first. After that, you can look at rating platforms like Google Reviews – more on that in a later section. But the idea is to get a company with an average rating of at least four out of five.

WH Cox & Son puts a lot of emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Booking with us could be the first step in the right direction, tackling potential problems before they develop. The reason why will start to make more sense. Specifically, we can help you work out the most suitable removal service using the information you provide in your initial communication.

We go through a thorough assessment process with you, utilising our decades worth of experience to ask the right questions. From here, we can ascertain what your needs are in full. And this is how we evaluate and suggest a removal package to match your requirements. Next, we’ll go into more detail about each service to give you some background information.

Choose Man & Van for Local Relocations –

Now we’ll go over some of the main points for both of our domestic removal packages. For most cases, it’s the total volume of items that determines the correct removals service. The best way to transport them is with a suitably big enough vehicle to carry everything. And if the load is on the lower end, a man and van is likely the best route.

WH Cox’s Man & Van service is ideal for apartments and smaller houses, with some additional advantages. In general, this package is the best option because the overall volume tends to be less than larger properties. However, we will stress this is a general consideration, and there are always exceptions. Every inquiry we receive will go through an assessment to accurately calculate the volume of the load.

Our man and van service charges by the hour instead of day rates, making it cheaper than other companies. Each job comes with two WH Cox moving experts with years of trade experience under their belts. This includes superior handling and organisation skills, providing you with the ultimate level of protection. Furthermore, this also covers the arrangement in the vehicle to reduce chances of collisions during transit.

From our side of things, it’s easier to park and unload a man with a van vehicle in certain situations. For one, there are no issues with parking or access restrictions for densely populated areas. We open the doors and get straight to work, even for tight access points or busy streets. But we do have another package available if you have more items to move.

Home Removals for + Three Bed Moves –

When we have more significant volumes to deal with, the next option is our Home Removals package. Again, this isn’t your only option, but it’s a generally useful size guide to follow. Typically, a house that has three bedrooms or more will have additional items to pack and transport. The best choice is to use a larger removal vehicle to fit everything in.

Most people prefer to get things done in a single trip rather than a back-and-forth between properties. We’re also confident that this works better because one journey is more efficient and causes fewer carbon emissions. However, there will be scenarios where the location has access restrictions. We then have the option of choosing the smaller vehicle with a few trips instead if that’s the better fit.

This is why assessment is crucial, and experience counts. We’ll be able to evaluate and suggest the most efficient service intuitively. On top of this, we’ll also factor in things like roadworks and congestion patterns. The result will be the most cost-effective and efficient relocation possible, and we’ll anticipate and plan for potential issues and other factors.

Long-Distance and European Removals –

Now that we know the size difference for removals, we’ll consider distance and its role. While it’s true, all relocations have an element of stress, add miles to it and the potential for confusion increases. That’s why we need to apply an appropriate service to negate any problems before they occur. You’ll be pleased to know we have just the solution in mind.

WH Cox & son has two different long-distance moves available to us. The first is the ability to relocate people nationally to anywhere in the UK and Ireland. This usually involves a larger removal’s vehicle to get everything completed in one trip. And we have a network of partner companies if we need storage or overnight facilities.

Then we have an International Removal package for anyone heading to the continent. We’ll also assist with arranging shipping and paperwork for moves further afield. It’s worth noting that overseas travel is still subject to restrictions. However, because it’s a long process, we always suggest discussing it with us now and then developing the move as-and-when the government eases restrictions.

Storage Options for Every Situation –

It’s not a golden rule, but most reputable removals companies offer storage or have a direct referral available. WH Cox has container and self storage units for both domestic and business customers. We’ll bring the empty unit to you for container storage, where we’ll pack and inventory everything, before sealing and returning it to our branch. We’re happy to assist you when unloading at our depot if that’s your preference.

Let’s look at where storage fits into the removals process for long-distance moves. Some people like to have space when they’re packing instead of shifting things between rooms. Using storage makes it possible to move furniture, appliances, and packed boxes out of the way. You can then have them collected from your unit on the moving day.

If you’re in a jam, storage becomes a lifesaver, and we can step in to sort out any problems at a moment’s notice. Gaps or delays for the moving-in day can throw a spanner in the works. People tend to panic if they’re already due to vacate. Fortunately, all they need to do is contact us, and we’ll store everything securely straight away.

Long-distance movers sometimes send their possessions ahead of them. We can then store them until you arrive in Surrey, where we can discuss whether you need us to transport them to your new address. Similarly, some people keep possessions in storage in their old location until they’re certain the move is permanent. Whatever your reasons are, we have storage to match your requirements, all at affordable rates.

Excellent Customer Service as Standard –

We now have a better idea about removal packages, how they work for long distances, as well as storage. The final point to consider is customer service and how to find the best on the market. WH Cox & Son works hard to match and better customer expectations, and you can see this by reading our Google Reviews here.

With this in mind, the thing to remember is to vet any potential service provider before signing up. You can use Google and Trustpilot to see what their overall ratings are. We encourage you to read the reviews from previous customers as well. This will give you a snapshot of what sort of service you can expect, especially if there are any positive or negative write-ups.

In addition to excellent ratings, we have a Quality Policy in place that provides our customers with full accountability. We have BAR affiliation, which is our industry-standard accreditation. In addition, WH Cox is a member of the Master Removers Group, a network of elite removal and storage companies. This all adds up to the best customer service possible in Surrey and beyond.

WH Cox & Son – Work with Surrey’s Favourite Removals Company –

We hope this article has given you some insight into the various packages for relocations. Of course, they won’t all be relevant to your situation, but it’s worth knowing more about them. The main aim for any move is to do it timeously and without any issues. While we can’t guarantee it will be problem-free, it’s certainly possible to rectify this by booking with us.

We’ll be here to assist you at every stage of your relocation, and this includes planning and organising. A moving checklist will also help – and you can read the Master Removers Group checklist here. We’re here to make your relocation a success, and you’ll always find someone to speak to directly. It pays to work with a reputable removal and storage company.

To request a free quotation or discuss more details about our removals service – click here, and we’ll begin our assessment.