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What’s Great About Twickenham?

Posted on June 30, 2022 by W.H.Cox
What’s Great About Twickenham?

Twickenham – Life on the River 

On the southwest edge of London, Twickenham sits alongside the Thames in the borough of Richmond upon Thames.  It became part of London in 1965 due to considerable expansion from 1800 onwards.  World famous for being the “home of English Rugby”, Twickenham stadium is the largest rugby stadium in the world. Crowds of people make pilgrimages there for rugby and music events.  Along with Richmond and St Margarets, Twickenham has a beautiful Thames side aspect.  The historic riverside had a network of 18th-century buildings and pleasure grounds, in keeping with the atmosphere of Richmond Upon Thames.

Transport Connections

Twickenham is well connected.  Firstly, its main station Twickenham can get you into London Waterloo in 20 minutes.  Secondly, within the region of Twickenham, St Margarets, Fulwell, Strawberry Hill and Teddington are also stations on the line into London.  With ample bus connections between Richmond and Kingston and Kew, there are many public transport options. Thirdly, Twickenham is a gateway to the M3, providing easy access to the M25 and to the Southwest.  In fact, with all these transport connections, one can be in London, and enjoy its leafy perimeters without any compromise.  

Heritage in Twickenham “The Thames is Liquid History” John Burns

 Any lover of London knows that the river is a key part of that romance.  As the Thames winds through Twickenham, through Strawberry Hill to Teddington lock, it is surrounded by period mansions and grounds. Ham house, Marble Hill and Strawberry Hill are all open to the public.  With riverside West London grandeur and green space, it is easy to be transported through time.  Another historic and artistic place in the zone is Eel pie island, an island in the Thames.  Originally part of the pleasure grounds of the area, the Eel pie hotel was a place of rest and refreshment for enjoyers of the river.  Later this developed into a music venue that was a powerhouse of blues and jazz in the 1960s. Learn more about this curious blend of boat yards, eclectic music and offshore revelry at the  Eel pie museum .

Twickenham’s Architecture 

While the riverside is ornamented with stunning examples of period architecture, the town has a range of congruent styles.  From white stucco villas to charming and well-built Victorian homes, there is a lot of period atmosphere throughout the streets.  While it lacks the panache of Richmond’s upmarket high street, it is a bit more laid back and unassuming.  And because the area is not really on the tourist trail, it can be enjoyed without the teeming throngs that fill up the streets of the innermost parts of the city. In the St. Margaret’s area, it’s possible to enjoy delightful riverside walks, amongst the throngs of pretty houseboats.  

On and in the water 

Twickenham Yacht Club is located close to Eel Pie Island and is a way to access life literally on the river.  Offering various training and certifications, members can navigate their way to the open seas.  Including Stand Up Paddleboarding for members, there are many ways to experience Twickenham’s riverside charm from the vantage point of the water.  And good news for open water swimmers, the stretch from Putney Bridge to Teddington is fair game.  As it is a busy stretch of water it is worth reading the guidelines to know how to navigate with the various vessels and crafts.  In the words of the current Prime Minister;

“But if people want to swim in the Thames, if they want to take their lives into their own hands, then they should be able to do so with all the freedom and exhilaration of our woad-painted ancestors.”

Education in Twickenham

Twickenham is home to many excellent schools and colleges. St Mary’s University, is a public university at Strawberry Hill House, committed to the mission of the Catholic Church in higher education. Specialising in sports studies, teacher training, religious studies and the humanities since 1850.  Another stunning instance of local heritage, Strawberry Hill House is Britain’s finest example of Georgian Gothic Revival architecture.  Richmond Upon Thames college is located close to the Twickenham stadium and has a broad and innovative curriculum for post 16 study.   For further adult learning there is Richmond Adult and Community College, whose aim is to assist individuals develop the skills they need to thrive and achieve their potential.  A quick glance at the primary schools in the area reveals a plethora of outstanding options. 

Art in Twickenham

Twickenham is home to Sandycombe Lodge, which was designed by England’s great landscape painter, J.M.W. Turner.  Turner lived at Sandycombe, away from the pressures of the London art world. It also provided a home for his father, old William, in retirement from his trade as a barber and wigmaker in Covent Garden. With old William’s declining health and changes in his own life, Turner sold the house in 1826.  Sandycombe is open to the public and is a nexus of learning for both children and adults, drawing inspiration from Turner’s legacy.  

Galleries In Twickenham

Orleans House Gallery is a contemporary art gallery set in beautiful gardens overlooking the River Thames in Twickenham. At its heart is the lavish Baroque Octagon Room. With a year-round programme of exhibitions, live events and educational experiences, it is a hub for creative learning.  A wide range of childrens and family activities are offered along with a wild wood, shop and the Stables Café. Situated in Twickenham is Eleven a gallery dedicated to forthcoming contemporary art.  Showcasing established and emerging artists, Eleven spearheads pop up galleries and exhibitions all over London 

Moving to Twickenham 

With a deep-rooted cultural and aesthetic edge, it is easy to understand why people would want to live in Twickenham.  Pleasantly set back from the bustle of the inner zones of London, there is a lot to be enriched by without the mayhem of city life.  With a thriving arts community, and boating and riverside options, there is a lot on offer for families who appreciate the urban outskirts of West London.  The proximity to Richmond Park, Kew Gardens and Syon Park provides an abundance of regal green spaces.  Riverside sunsets and afternoon strolls, plus the historic pubs which nestle upon the way are some of the great joys of this historic city.   In addition, the transport links are ideal, whether you need to whizz into Central London, or head off to the West Country. 

WH Cox Removals Twickenham

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