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Getting ready for an office move – Part 1

Posted on September 16, 2016 by W.H.Cox

We’ve always been as happy moving people in and out of offices as we have homes and if there’s one thing we’ve found invaluable, it’s making sure that everyone is fully briefed on what needs doing and when, whether the company is a small start-up or a big multi-national. Office removals in Surrey, including the most complex imaginable of IT systems, are second nature to us. But if you’re planning on moving your company and have never done it before, here is some guidance to ponder well in advance. 

  • Before the move, settle on a date and let everyone know what it is and what’s going to be required of them on the day (even if that’s to stay home). Be absolutely certain that your new premises can contain all your materials – desks, storage, furniture, IT, people. Using a floor-plan of your new office, determine in advance where everything will go. Choose your removals company.
  • Set aside time to focus on IT/tech migration. It’s important that everything, right down to each individual cable, be inventoried. Is yours a company that keeps confidential client data? If so, the hard drives on which it’s contained should be kept locked and secure in transit. If your removals company doesn’t provide a full IT relocation service, then ensure that there is someone at hand who can set things up at the new premises as soon as everything arrives.
  • Make furniture plans. Are you keeping everything? If not, what are you discarding? Discards should be separated before the move so that they aren’t accidentally packed up along with everything else. Make an inventory of everything and decide in advance where each piece is going in the new office. If new furniture will be needed, order it to arrive at your new office on the day of the move.
  • For all printed documentation, be sure to have sufficient box-files (or similar) to contain it all. Thanks to the floor-plan you’ve already created, everyone should already know exactly where files and documents are going to be kept in the new office. If any of the documents contain confidential information, make sure that these are stored and transported in a secure and locked manner.

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