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How To Unpack After Your Move

Posted on June 2, 2016 by W.H.Cox

It’s that final hurdle that can almost send us over the edge. Just when the last box has been hauled off the lorry and into your new home, before the dust has had even a moment to settle, it dawns on you – you’ve got to unpack. What a crushing blow it can seem. But it needn’t feel like that. For starters, you don’t have to do it all at once and as quickly as possible. You can have a strategy and make it a more leisurely undertaking. Alternatively, you can use your moving company’s unpacking service, such as the one we offer at WH Cox & Son, and in an instant, all the pressure is off. But if you are doing it yourself, here are some pointers to make it bearable – enjoyable, even.

1.Make sure you’re moving to a clean house. Check with your estate agent that this is the case and, if not, send in cleaners before all the boxes go inside. There’s no point in putting furniture down and then having to lift it up again so that you can clean. It makes sense to clean first.

2.Turn first to your overnight box, the one that contains everything you’re likely to need in the first 24 hours. It should contain belongings such as your kettle, tea and coffee, long-life milk, a set of clothes, toothbrushes and so on. Why not keep an eye on your relaxation levels and make something to drink right now? Force yourself to have at least five minutes of slowness and calm.

3.Move on to the bathroom. It should be a nice, straightforward room with which to get the ball rolling because you’re unlikely to need to place much furniture in it. You can calmly unpack toiletries, loo roll, detergents and the rest, without much negative impact to your stress levels.

4. Now for something a little more demanding – it’s time for furniture. You may have had the foresight to ask your moving company to place furniture exactly where you want it but if not, just hazard a guess at this point – don’t agonise and spend time trying to work out the perfect spot for each item.

5.On to cupboards and wardrobes – clothing, books, tech – all of it can be unpacked and placed somewhere reasonably logical. Cords and wires can be connected where appropriate. Then the home can be brought to life a little with art and other decorations.

6. Rugs and non-fitted carpets can at last be unpacked and, hey presto, you’ve done it, you’re still standing and you’ve got a lovely new home to enjoy.