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Moving from London to Surrey with WH Cox

Posted on September 24, 2019 by W.H. Cox
Moving from London to Surrey with WH Cox

In the last five-to-ten years, many people have left London behind for a variety of reasons, opting for a commuter town nearby. Whether it’s due to the rising costs of rent, mortgages, or simply for a better quality of life, tens of thousands have made their own journeys away. For many people, Surrey represents an ideal location due to how close it is to London and the difference in house prices.

The WH Cox & Son vans are regular visitors to the capital, undertaking removals from there every week. We cover everything people need from a removals company. Our reputation is flawless, and each team member is an expert in removals and storage. If you’re looking to move away from London in 2019 or soon, we highly recommend you do some research on Surrey for a potential new home.

Choosing the Correct Removals Service –

At WH Cox, our team will go through a thorough assessment of your possessions and specifications before we advise the most suitable removals package. We always provide a free, no-obligation quote for your prospective relocation. And we guarantee that there won’t be any hidden charges or surprise fees. Everything we do is fully transparent, and we’re more than happy to go through our quote in detail.

Our Small Moves package is Surrey’s most popular man and van service. This package is most suitable for small volumes of furniture and items. The man and van vehicles can handle rural roads with ease in addition to areas of congestion in cities or towns. If we need to change our original route due to traffic, it’s easier to do in a small van. It might also be more efficient to undertake several trips with a man and van vehicle for larger jobs, depending on the size of the items.

For home removals, where the furniture is bigger, or the overall load is significant, we will recommend using our Large Moves service. WH Cox & Son has lots of removals vehicles at our disposal, making it possible to undertake any job. The advantage of using this service is being able to pack everything and complete the job in one journey.

It doesn’t matter how big your house is; all excellent customer service begins with a range of removals and storage packages. We know that more choice makes it possible to provide the correct removals service with every potential customer. We have branches in Surrey and in Middlesex, which means we provide relocations from London to both counties and everywhere in between.

How to Create a Moving Checklist –

The WH Cox & Son team have been doing removals in Surrey for over forty years. And in that time, we’ve seen just about every removal’s job you can think of. For us, everything goes well if we understand the details of your relocation. This is done by a thorough assessment of what’s being moved and where. When we know the volume of items, we can assign the correct removals vehicle. Then we will plan out the best day for your move and the most efficient route to use.

If you have a smaller volume of items, we tend to use Man & Van service in Surrey. This service is also more suitable for relocations that are a short distance apart and moves from one part of a city or town to another area. The smaller vans make it easier to navigate through traffic. It can also be more efficient to pack and load the smaller vehicles.

If you’re moving out of the three or four-bedroom house, the choices are between doing multiple pickups with a man with a van service or to do it all in one go. Our Large Removals service utilises bigger removals vans which have the capacity to pack and transport more items. It’s also useful for people who may not have more possessions, but their things are more significant in size and can only fit into the larger vehicles.

At WH Cox & Son, everything we do is to make your move affordable and efficient. It’s our mission to match your requirements with the correct removals service. We have removals and storage packages to suit everyone’s needs, and we make sure they’re the most affordable rates on the market. We believe that removals and storage should be available to all, which is why we keep our prices as low as possible.

WH Cox & Son – The Right Company for Your London to Surrey Relocation –

WH Cox & Son is Surrey’s number one for removals and storage, and we relocate thousands of people throughout the county every month. It’s our mission to provide the best customer service and surpass our client’s expectations on every job we book. WH Cox has a lot of loyal customers who use us for future relocations and other services, like storage.

It’s crucial to start planning as early as possible to help make your move run smoothly. You’ll be able to identify and deal with any small issues before they cause any undue delays. And the WH Cox & Son team are here to assist you with advice and any relevant information.

WH Cox & Son operate throughout Surrey, and we move people from London regularly. Furthermore, if you have an area of Surrey that you’re considering, we will provide you with any information we can. If we’re unable to assist, we’ll do our best to find somewhere to refer you to.

If you’re organising a relocation from London to Surrey, contact us today. We guarantee to have the service you’re looking for under our roof.