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Moving to Surrey – a Short Guide to Relocating

Posted on February 10, 2018 by W.H. Cox
Moving to Surrey – a Short Guide to Relocating

It’s official – you’re finally making plans to relocate, and it’s an exciting time. The next chapter in your life in a new town or city. You might be leaving somewhere like London for quieter surroundings and are looking for that perfect place that’s close as well as far enough away from the capital.

While the planning part of your relocation can be fun, the actual move has its stressful moment. The best way to reduce the anxiety of the big move is to prepare as much as possible. WH Cox & Son move hundreds of people in and around Surrey every year, and we like to share advice with our customers.

The Dos and Don’ts When Planning Your Big Move –

Do visit the places you like and do it more than once. The first visit will give you a better idea of life there. A second visit will dispel any misconceptions, and it’s vital that you stay overnight. Sometimes a place can seem very quiet through the day, only to become loud and lively at night.

Don’t book anything with companies that have bad reviews just because they’re cheap. And at all costs, avoid price comparison websites! You’ll get the service you pay for, which is an extremely poor one.

Do learn as much as you can online. The internet gives us the opportunity to learn all about places we haven’t been to, which is a huge advantage when house hunting.

Don’t leave anything until the last minute. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you leave things until the last minute you will not only limit yourself to who you can book things like removals with; your stress levels will hit the ceiling. Do as much as you can well in advance to help your nerves when the big day arrives.

Do contact an estate agent and mortgage broker early. An estate agent can use your wants and needs list and filter out any properties that don’t fit. They can also arrange viewings and do a lot of research and questions to the owner on your behalf. You’ll need to see what sort of mortgage you can get early to work out your budget.

Don’t try to do everything yourself. This is a sure-fire way of ageing several years. And unless you have prior experience of the housing market and removals work, it’s better to hire the professionals.

Preparing for Your Relocation to Surrey –

There are a few other points that you will need to check off your list as you lead up to the day of your relocation. One of them is to notify the local council that you’re moving, where to, and ion what date. This will save you getting a hefty council tax bill and a rude demand letter several months down the line. You need to do this with every utility company you use as well. They will continue to charge you if you don’t let them know when you’re moving out. Notify them, send the last readings, and you’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation.

Remember what we said about reducing stress levels and avoiding the last-minute rush to get everything done? If you know the date of your move, contact WH Cox and Son. We’re Surrey’s favourite removals and storage provider, and we’ll help you organise the day of your big move.

Before you pack everything, download a home inventory app. They’re free or very cheap, and you will have a record of everything you pack as you go. Most home inventory apps give you the option to take a photo of each item and save by room. You’ll thank yourself when you get to your new home, and you have no idea where the kettle is.

One of the most critical things you should do is check tyre pressure and oil before you set off. Also, make sure there is plenty of water to clean the windscreen. It’s also essential to get any cracks in your windscreen repaired before you set off.

The last thing to do – get something for the kids to do in the car. This is another one you’ll thank yourself for later unless you like being asked ‘are we there yet?’.

WH Cox & Son – Choose Surrey’s Favourite Removals Company –

WH Cox moves hundreds of people in Surrey every month, and we have the most affordable rates for removals and storage in Surrey. We’re residents of Surrey, and we love living here. WH Cox covers the whole of Surrey, so we can advise on any area that you might like.

At WH Cox and Son, we believe in providing the best customer service possible. From your first call to us, we will do our utmost to make sure you feel at ease with your big move. Furthermore, we will discuss our range of services and any concerns or to answer questions. We will gladly assist you with planning your relocation to Surrey, and we plan everything in detail well in advance of the moving day.

WH Cox has removals and storage packages to suit everyone’s needs, and we believe that removals and storage should be available to all, which is why we keep our prices as low as possible. WH Cox & Son are part of the Master Removals Group. Our reputation for being Surrey’s favourite moving and storage provider all stems from our high level of customer service.

If you know the date of your relocation, please contact us today. We will assist you with any information about our range of services, as well as advice on life in Surrey.