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Moving to Surrey – The Guide to Good Schools in Surrey

Posted on November 19, 2019 by W.H. Cox
Moving to Surrey – The Guide to Good Schools in Surrey

When it comes to moving to a new area, some points always top the list of things that are a necessity or deal-breaker. This can be anything from distance to work, healthcare provisions, amenities or entertainment activities. However, there’s one that’s undoubtedly a priority for people with young families, and that’s education.

Our children are the future, and many people will prioritise this factor into any decision on where they move. Integrating into a new location will include finding a suitable school or childcare provisions within a feasible distance of your home. Surrey benefits from having a superior standard of education institutions, and it’s no surprise that this makes a lot of people choose the county.

Finding the Best Preschool and Primary Schools in Surrey –

Begin research asap – If you can start by doing some initial research today, then it’s a good idea. Even some initial Google searches will provide you with educational and general knowledge about Surrey. We would suggest finding the local information if you know what town you’re moving to. There is no such thing as doing too much preparation work.

Phone or email the local council – to double up on our previous point, it’s helpful to get contact information specific to the area you’re moving to. However, you can also contact the Surrey municipal offices who will be able to provide you with relevant information. Councils are a valuable source of information for things like school and childcare lists.

Make a list of schools and childcare – If you’re not sure about the exact location of your new home in Surrey, start by creating a list of all primary and secondary schools concerning the age of your children. You can check each institution by Ofsted score as well as any additional achievements online.

Arrange meetings with headmasters or managers – You can do this when you visit Surrey (which we advise). This could help you with getting the kids into a school as you’ll be on first-name terms with the head of the school or manager of the nursery.

Come and visit Surrey – You need to have a first-hand experience of Surrey and the town or village you’ll soon call home. Google is invaluable when it comes to doing some detective work for a location. But it can’t replace getting to know an area on personal terms. There are lots of excellent B&Bs and hotels here, so why not make a weekend of it?

Working Out the Correct Removals Service for Your Family –

Moving to a new home is always a tricky situation for people with young families. Along with trying to balance work and your daily schedules, there is also an emotional aspect to consider. Your kids will be leaving friends behind, and it’s hard to explain why you need to relocate. That’s why booking with WH Cox & Son can make things easier to handle. We are available to assist you throughout your relocation. And our range of services will give you more time to spend with your family.

Every job WH Cox takes on undergoes a thorough assessment where we collect as much information as possible. Once we have a good idea about the items we’re transporting, we can choose the right vehicle and team members for your relocation. If you’re moving a household’s worth of possessions, then we’ll usually go with our larger vehicles. However, if your overall load is under a certain amount, we will use the smaller and cheaper man & van option.

At WH Cox, we will never suggest a service that you don’t need. Wherever possible, we’ll try to save you money. And part of this assessment involves your input. We will provide you with what we think the most suitable option, which will include a free, no-obligation quote. There are never any hidden costs or services added later by us.

WH Cox & Son – We’re the Family-Friendly Removals and Storage Provider –

WH Cox & Son moves thousands of people who have children in Surrey every year, and we’ve been doing this for over forty years. In that time, we’ve made it our priority to make every relocation as stress-free as possible. This means we’re here to give you advice at every stage of your planning. And we’ll do whatever we can to take some of the burdens of moving from you.

Even if you’re comparing quotes, please feel free to contact us at any time. We’re residents of Surrey, and we love living here. WH Cox covers the whole of the county, so we can advise on any area that you might like. We’re always happy to pass on any information or advice that helps our customers, and we’re just a phone call away or email away.

Moving to a new home is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of organisation. With that in mind, you should always take your time to make sure you receive a high standard of customer service. And when you contact WH Cox & Son, you’ll notice the difference between us and other removals companies. Our staff are friendly and approachable, which makes it easier to discuss your relocation.

If you want to book with a reliable company who will provide you with the exact service you need, contact us today. We understand that moving with a young family is hard work and we’re here to lighten the load.