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National Relocation Services with WH Cox & Son Removals Surrey

Posted on January 23, 2019 by W.H. Cox
National Relocation Services with WH Cox & Son Removals Surrey

Moving to a new home can be stressful, but some simple steps can help reduce your relocation woes. One of them is to start planning and putting things into action as soon as possible. Relocating is even trickier if you’re moving to a new city or a completely different part of the UK. You shouldn’t worry though – WH Cox is in your corner for your national relocation. We have a dedicated national moving service and will guide you through the process.

WH Cox & Sonis part of an excellent collective or removals companies called the Master Removers Group. With our combined network of like-minded companies and nationwide depots, we can relocate anyone around the UK and even Europe with ease. Being part of this collection of removals and storage companies ensures that we can offer the best value for your cash in addition to a consistent highest standard of service.

Choosing the Best Relocation Services in the UK –

At WH Cox & Son, we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of service and having a range of service options. For us, the ability to relocate someone from Surrey to London or Paris is equally essential. That’s why our dedicated National Removals service is available to move you to any destination in the UK. And with our affiliation as a member of the Master Removers Group, we can extend that to any major destination in Europe.

Being a member of the Master Remover Group is done by invitation only. There are strict guidelines that all Master Removers Group members must adhere to. And before it’s possible to join, each company must attain certain levels of service delivery. One of the most critical stipulations to receive an invite into this elite network of companies is an impeccable local reputation. In a nutshell – you must be the best removals service in the areas you operate in.

Another favourable reason for choosing a Master Removers Company is the network of companies available. Because it’s a collective group, we can reduce costs with an economy of scale. Each company acts as a link between various destinations in the UK and overseas. No matter where you’re moving to, we can use this network to get your items to your new home in perfect condition.

Each Master Removals Group member company will make their reviews and customer testimonials easy to find. It’s a requirement that any potential customers can get an accurate perspective of any company before they book them. The option to leave a review is just as important to us. Feedback from our customers helps us to improve our service and see if we need to create any new packages.

Booking the Right Removals Company in Surrey –

Before you book any service, and this extends to more than removals, you should do some research. You might be surprised at how easy it is to find information on companies by using Google. The only thing we suggest you should avoid is price comparison website because they don’t account for the quality of service for each company. And many of our clients have told us some appalling experiences from using comparison sites.

Rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot provide online users with information from previous customers. You can see their rating and comments to weigh up if a company is genuine and reliable. e.g., a company is given an overall score (based on an average of all ratings), and each rating can be seen. It’s also possible to read any comments made by previous customers.

After you have a few companies that seem reliable, the next step is to make the first contact. You can do this by phone or email, the aim here is to see how each company handles your initial query. A reputable company like WH Cox & Son will leave you feeling at ease, even from your first call or email. And we’re confident that our friendly staff will provide the necessary information to help you make the decision to book us for your relocation.

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Number One Choice for National Removals –

WH Cox & Son is Surrey’s number one for removals and storage, and we relocate hundreds of people every week. Customer service is the key to our reputation and ongoing popularity, and we strive to meet and surpass our customer’s expectations on every job we undertake.

At WH Cox, customer service is our number one priority. Every removals and storage package we offer stems from this ethos. It’s our mission to listen to our customers and give them the service they need at the level of customer service they deserve. And if you’re in a tight situation, we can take on last-minute jobs.

WH Cox & Son’s our main priority is to get your belongings to your new location without any breakages or damage. That’s why our team consist of people with years of experience at packing and removals. Moreover, this collective of expertise is one of the many reasons why we’re Surrey’s most consistent and reputable removals companies.

For all removals and storage inquiries and quotes, please contact us today. We’re confident that we have the right service for your upcoming national relocation.