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New Housing Developments in Surrey

Posted on September 30, 2020 by W.H. Cox
New Housing Developments in Surrey

One of the issues the UK has been struggling with for decades is adequate, affordable housing, and it’s a problem which is ongoing. Potential first-time buyers often fade back from their ambitions of homeownership because there simply isn’t anything within their budget. Luckily, things seem to be moving in a more positive direction, and some support and schemes are coming to fruition.

At WH Cox & Son, we have our collective ear to the ground when it comes to the local and national housing market. We strive to help our customers find answers to important questions, which is why this blog will look into affordable housing developments in Surrey.

Finding the Perfect Home in Surrey –

Surrey has some excellent villages and towns, with several entries making it onto the Best of Britain polls every year. This makes it a firm favourite for people looking to escape larger cities like London. With additional benefits which include a relatively short commuting time into the capital. Furthermore, there’s plenty of choice on offer for things like the type of housing and specific amenities and provisions per area.

Another advantage Surrey has over London is the numbers when it comes to new-build developments. It’s no secret that affordable housing is an ongoing issue, and a majority of London builds tend to focus on complexes. These might work for young couples without dependents but not so much for families. The demand for properties which cater to first-time buyers far outweighs supply, which is why various schemes are available to address this.

WH Cox & Son move thousands of people every year in Surrey, London, and every connecting county. This includes national and international relocations in both directions, making it possible to collect people and bring them to Surrey. This is possible by offering various removals and related options, as well as working with a network of like-minded companies.

Surrey is where WH Cox calls home, and we’re confident you’ll find the ideal property which also offers value for money. If you have any questions regarding this, we’re also happy to have an informal chat about potential locations you might want to do further research on.

New-Build Developments in Surrey –

In this section, we’ll give you some pointers on the types of properties suitable for first-time buyers. Typically, you can utilise a housing scheme to help lower the purchase price or reduce the initial deposit. This list isn’t definitive, and there are plenty of similar housing developments for you to research. We hope this will set you on the path to finding the ideal house or apartment for your needs.

Eldebury Place – this housing development is still under construction and will offer a selection of one, two, three- and four-bedroom homes. Eldebury Place boasts excellent transport links and local amenities, including local schools for young families.

Waverley – there are several new housing developments in Waverley, all with links to shared ownership. You can check out Farnham, Cranleigh and Haselmere for an idea of what’s on offer. It’s safe to say Waverley is committing to affordable housing.

Bruneval Gardens – in addition to a part-buy, part-rent scheme, Bruneval Gardens also offers Armed Forces and NHS staff deposit grants. You can also enjoy a Stamp Duty break to reduce your upfront costs further.

De Burgh Gardens – our last tip comes from the village of Tadworth, where you’ll find the De Burgh Gardens new development. It’s a Shared Ownership set of properties, which equates to 25% of the full asking price.

Relevant Housing Schemes –

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are various first-time buyers’ schemes you should research. The government are making it easier for low-income households to get onto the property ladder. You’ll need to work out what sort of scheme fits your situation. Some examples are Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, Right to Buy/Right to Acquire and shared equity schemes.

Unfortunately, the Starter House scheme doesn’t look like coming to fruition any time soon. That’s why we do not include it, just in case you’re trying to find relevant homes under this scheme. However, there’s a potential positive knock-on effect, as the likelihood of other grants will increase to reduce any issues. Affordable housing is still very much something everyone needs a resolution to.

The likelihood is most city-centre developments will still be in the form of apartment complexes. This is another reason why people are looking past London towards Surrey. They want houses and affordable flats, and lots of new developments include communal areas and family-oriented features. The idea is to utilise mixed incomes and pricing, which also includes things like child and healthcare provisions being inclusive to the actual estate.

Our advice is to do plenty of research and keep looking for updates as schemes tend to change. Contact anyone with links to these schemes to see if you’re eligible before property scouting. Then do specific searches for properties which promote them, as many do note any relevant schemes when they advertise them.

Additional Tips for First-Time Buyers –

Becoming a homeowner is an aspiration many renters have, but it’s not easy to break out of the cycle of continuous tenancy. After all, if you had spare money left over after rent and bills, you probably would already own property. At WH Cox, we understand the struggle, and we want to help more people realise their dream of buying their first house or flat.

One way or another, you’ll need to save up for a deposit which is usually the stumbling block for first-time buyers. A good tip for managing your outgoings is to record everything you spend. Open an Excel spreadsheet, keep any receipts and invoices as you buy things. You then record all the information once a week.  And by the end of the month, you should see patterns emerge.

You’ll have to create a monthly budget, which includes your expenses and some money for things like gym membership and entertainment. Anything leftover should go into a savings account, so go and open one now. If possible, set yourself some monthly savings goals. Check online to see if there are examples of typical mortgage deposits and any information that relates to saving.

There are also other avenues to explore when trying to find affordable ways to get your first home. Housing auctions in Surrey are an excellent way to acquire properties well below the average market price. However, it’s not as easy to see if there are any issues, so there is more risk if you go this route.

Choosing the Best Removals Package –

Let’s jump forward in time and hypothetically put ourselves at the stage where you find the perfect home, the seller accepts your bid, and it’s time to move. WH Cox has two domestic removals services, and they cover most relocation scenarios. It’s worth noting we are happy to tweak aspects of our existing packages wherever possible to accommodate your circumstances.

Our Small Moves service is a man and van package which we suggest for people with fewer possessions to transport. A term we use for the volume of items is the load, and we begin assessing this from your initial inquiry contact. Then we have our Large Removals service covers a variety of sizes of the vehicle up from man and van.

For properties with three bedrooms or more, we will suggest our Large Removals service. But this is also valid for people in smaller homes if they have items that take up more space in the removal’s van. Our Large Removals service can get the entire load done in one journey. And our team will plan everything in detail to ensure we cause a minimal amount of interruption.

Our Small Moves service is a superior man and van package that’s ideal for smaller houses and apartments. The vans are better at parking on busy inner-city streets, and you won’t have any issues with blocking the road with a large vehicle. This service comes with two of our expert team members to do all the loading and unpacking.

Using Self Storage for Relocations –

When you begin preparing for your big move, there’s another service which can help create space as you pack. Self storage has lots of applications, and we believe everyone can benefit from using it. It’s an ideal package for people who are moving to a new house or apartment. This gives you a lot more room to manoeuvre while to pack everything up and prepare your property for the next owner.

It doesn’t happen with all relocations, but every so often, a move is subject to a delay in moving dates. It might sound like a catastrophe and would likely be if it wasn’t for storage. Renting a self storage unit will rectify the situation by making sure your possessions are safe and secure. And while this doesn’t solve your accommodation issue, it will free you up to find somewhere you can stay short-term.

Essentially, storage is a good contingency plan if a delay does occur, but it’s also a proactive measure for when you need more space. WH Cox has self storage and container storage units available in various sizes. It’s possible to alter your storage unit if you need to upgrade or downsize during your rental period.

WH Cox & Son – Affordable Removals and Storage in Surrey –

At WH Cox, we relocate thousands of people in Surrey and the surrounding areas every year. We get a lot of customers who are prospective new homeowners who use our services. As part of our drive to provide the best customer service possible, we offer the most affordable rates for removals and storage in Surrey. This is vital for anyone who needs to relocate on a modest budget.

From your first call to us, we’ll take you through our services to help you match them with your requirements. The WH Cox team are happy to discuss your big move into your first home, even if you’re planning or getting quotes. Providing a high standard of customer service is our number one goal, and we go above and beyond for our customers.

If you’re planning on buying a home in Surrey soon, please contact us today. We can assist you with any relevant information, as well as discussing our range of services.