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Home & Office Relocation From Surrey: Choosing A Removal Company

Posted on September 16, 2021 by W.H.Cox
Home & Office Relocation From Surrey: Choosing A Removal Company

Moving to a new house or office can be a complicated and time-consuming process, not to mention emotional and stressful. Finding a removal company that is understanding, professional and affordable is one way to help ease the stress and confusion on moving day. Not only that, one with a solid reputation for customer service will help you navigate the preparation stages as well.

That’s the type of service you can expect from WH Cox & Son, and we work with hundreds of households and businesses in Surrey every month. For us, it’s all about applying the thorough assessment and planning to achieve a successful outcome. If you are looking for a removal company, consider these tips and tricks we outline in this blog.

Find the Right Removals Service in Surrey –

It’s all fair and well to suggest something obvious about only using the best removal company. Nobody wants to book something willingly that’s not up to scratch. Yet, that’s what many people do, even if they have previous experience. Many factors contribute, but it’s possible to find a reputable moving company without having used them before.

All it takes is a bit of research and some quotes to cross-reference each other. Luckily, everyone has access to both, and it just takes a bit of digging and communicating. That said, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, and some people get anxious when doing this sort of thing. Plus, it’s always handy to get some assistance.

That’s the aim of this article – we want to help people find the best service possible for their money. By following the tips in this blog, you’ll be heading in the right direction and onwards towards the ultimate goal here. We want you to have a successful relocation to avoid any issues or undue delays, breakages, or other problems.

Know Your Budget and Get Quotes –

Before you meet with any removal companies, it is important to know how much you are willing to spend. Do a bit of research and look at what is cheapest, what is at the higher end and what comes somewhere in between. Usually, the cheaper companies are a bit too good to be true!

Moving Tip #1: usually, cheaper removal companies are too good to be true – dig deeper.

Try to find a happy medium between price and quality and what you think is value for money versus doing the move yourself. Set a budget and use this as leverage to get the price you want if necessary – most will be willing to accommodate you. That said, you also need to be realistic and base your spending on the average market rates for removals. Similarly, get a quote for hiring a van and factor this in.

It’s also crucial to check every potential company’s credentials and accountability. If they have a quality policy in place with accreditation, then it’s a good starting point. However, if you can’t find anything like that on their website, you might need to wonder why. Furthermore, their online reviews and-or testimonials should be easy to find.

Be Organised and Start Planning Now –

Don’t look for your removal company a week before the move! Allow for at least a month, if not more, to ensure you can discuss all your needs, get the best price, and have a solid plan in place. While it may not always be possible, organising the move well in advance has many benefits.

Moving Tip #2: get your removal company booked at least a month in advance.

On average, it takes just over four months to sell a house in the UK successfully. And that doesn’t account for things like preparing the property for the market. That could mean a minimum of six months before a sale goes through. Then you have to consider things like the mortgage chain and other people into account. And whenever there are several parties involved, it gets complicated.

Wherever possible, don’t put things off until the next day if you can clear the task now. Create and use a moving checklist – see this as an example and add or remove bits for your circumstances. Use a blank calendar and calculate the time until the moving day. Then see how long you have until then, and split tasks into weekly to-do lists.

Go Local and Look for Reputation –

Don’t let increasing fuel prices affect you. Choose a removal company within an hour of your beginning or end destination to avoid any hidden fees that may spring up. This also makes it easier to meet with the removers before the big day.

Moving Tip #3: pick a local removal company. Traffic, road works, mileage fees can all work against you.

One of the unspoken issues with larger chain movers is their approach to arranging a removals job. Even with a more extensive fleet of vehicles, they tend to have a one-size-fits-all attitude. If you have any unique requirements, the costs can go from affordable to a slew of additional fees. From looking very good on paper, you might end up paying a lot more for less personalised service.

That’s why it tends to be better to work with a local company where there’s a more individual way of organising things. You’ll receive a tailormade package that takes everything into account, including any specific potential problems. WH Cox & Son has professional assessors know what questions to ask to produce an accurate quote. From there, we’ll guide you through the process, and there are no hidden fees to worry about.

Meet Your Removals Company in Person –

Although emails and phone calls may be easier, they won’t give you the natural feel of a company or allow them to provide you with an accurate estimate. Many companies will come out to your home and provide a free quote. Take this time to ask any questions and explain as much about the move as possible.

Moving Tip #4: get to know your removers face-to-face before the big day and explain your concerns or queries you might have.

Here’s something a lot of people forget to do when they book a removal or storage service. When the final week arrives, you should double-check everything, and that includes your moving company. At WH Cox & Son, we encourage communication with our customers. Should you have a question, someone will be available to talk with you or contact you back asap.

Regardless of who you book with, contact them a week before the moving day arrives. Make sure your relocation is confirmed for the right day and time. Moreover, get some arrival and completion times from them and ask if there’s anything else you need to know or do before the day of the big move. Give yourself some breathing room and do these checks at least five days before the relocation, just in case an issue arises. You then have plenty of time to tackle any minor blips.

WH Cox & Son – Unbeatable Removals in Surrey –

Hopefully, you’ll now be able to see the benefits of using a company like us. WH Cox & Son strives to perform the highest standard of service delivery. This is for every job we sign up for, regardless of how big or small the volume of items you are moving with is. And we deliver unbeatable removal and storage services.

We’re flexible and can adapt packages to accommodate specific needs if you have any unique points to consider. Should you need it, additional storage packages can speed things up in an emergency. Booking with us can make all the difference in receiving a high standard of customer service.

If you need a removal company in Surrey or Middlesex, WH Cox can help with home removals and office jobs. Give us a call on 01372 456 556 or click here to discuss your needs with one of our friendly representatives today.