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Organise and Covid-Clean Your Home in Surrey

Posted on December 6, 2020 by W.H. Cox
Organise and Covid-Clean Your Home in Surrey

The second national lockdown is over, and there’s a lot of focus on what happens next as we respond to the pandemic. The New tier system hasn’t brought a great deal of clarification on the future. Is there a way of improving living spaces in case new lockdown happens? And what practical measures can we take to help reduce the spread of Covid-19?

Organising your home is an excellent way to channel your concerns into something productive. For anyone who is unable to work due to the latest restrictions, it’s vital to keep busy and be proactive. Additionally, you can help do your part by giving your house or apartment a thorough clean to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. This is WH Cox & Son’s guide on Covid-cleaning your property. 

Why a Covid-19 Policy Matters –

When it comes to Covid-19, there’s no room for cutting corners, especially for business owners with stores. This disease has already proven it can’t be taken lightly, even with the welcome news of a potential vaccine available soon. The case numbers are still rising, which is why our Covid-19 Policy is still active, with no plans of phasing it out anytime soon.

The health and well-being of our customers and staff is a top priority, and we factor this into every service we deliver. All removals and storage jobs have an adequate provision of PPE and disinfectant products available. It’s a stringent process, but we think it’s a necessary one, with a view of avoiding any contamination from occurring.

We base our Covid-19 Policy on official guidance from the World Health Organisation and the government’s scientific advisors. Using credible sources of information is a crucial component when delivering services for people and businesses in Surrey. Furthermore, this applies to households and companies because they both have potential risk factors.

For domestic customers, you’ll have peace of mind that cleaning your home will eliminate any germs and viruses. Business owners are actively protecting anyone who enters their premises by having hand sanitiser and a mandatory mask-wearing protocol. And the WH Cox team will gladly make a referral to one of our partner professional cleaning companies.

Tips on Covid-Cleaning Your Home –

While we’re edging closer to having a viable vaccine, Covid-19 is still an unpredictable disease. We’re learning new things about it every week, which includes how it transmits. One of the problems we should be vigilant against is pandemic fatigue and jumping ahead of ourselves. It’s still an ever-present danger, and you don’t always need to have any noticeable symptoms to spread it to other people.

In addition to knowing that Covid transfers via respiratory droplets, we now know about aerosol transmission. That’s why social distancing is so effective, in addition to wearing masks and having adequate indoor ventilation. There’s also the potential for the virus to remain viable for many hours on plastic and metal surfaces.

In most instances, you only have control over your own actions while in public, but it’s possible to eliminate issues in your home. You can do this by regularly cleaning surfaces and objects in your home, such as doorknobs, countertops, keyboards, toys, mobile phones, and bank cards. There was a theory that the virus could embed into fabric, but this is no longer part of any official guidance. However, you should still make sure you use a clean mask.

You should consider undertaking a deep clean of your house or apartment. We would suggest using a professional cleaning company as they will have the expertise, tools, and cleaning products available to kill any viruses or germs. If you choose to do this yourself, get someone to help as you’ll be moving appliances and furniture. Most household disinfectants will kill the Covid virus, so it’s a good idea to have some ready to wipe down frequently used surfaces.

Offices and Workplaces Need the Same Treatment –

If you own or manage a business in Surrey, it’s vital you follow a similar guideline for health and safety. The welfare of your staff members and customers is of paramount importance. You’ll be doing your part by preventing any issues with pathogens or germs transmitting where you work. Similarly, you won’t have the headache of closing your business in the event of a localised outbreak.

This doesn’t solely apply to offices – factories, warehouses, supermarkets, and construction sites all need to be spotlessly clean. You should consider creating and implementing your own Covid-19 policy. It provides a unified way of keeping your customers and staff safe, in addition to adding a level of confidence in your services.

We suggest having your premises spruced up by a professional cleaning company, and we can make a referral to a reputable provider. Then it would help if you have hand sanitiser spread throughout your workplace. Alternatively, you can provide individual sanitisers to each team member and ask them to apply regularly. Please also have PPE on-hand and adhere to social distancing wherever possible.

Using Self Storage for Temporary Business Closures –

The unfortunate reality for some businesses is a need for temporary closure, especially for the hospitality sector. Many people who run companies in these industries will worry about damage and theft of goods or equipment. You can weigh up whether it’s possible to store them at home, but most home insurance policies won’t cover specialist equipment.

If you rent a self storage unit, you’ll have the best solution for your business in Surrey. You’ll have the highest level of security available at affordable prices. There’s no minimum contract period – it’s store for as long as you need to. And we have container storage units for anyone who has long-term requirements or doesn’t need regular access.

At WH Cox & Son, we have a selection of unit sizes for you to choose from. Our prices are below the industry standard, and we’ll try to accommodate everyone’s specifications. When you store with us, you’ll find someone at our depot to assist with any unloading. We have trolleys and other storage tools onsite to help make things easier for loading and unpacking.

Emergency Man & Van and Home Removals Available –

In the event you need a last-minute relocation in Surrey, the first thing to remember is to try and remain relatively calm. Get in touch with us straight away, and we’ll work out when you need to be out of your current property. Then, we’ll assess your situation and suggest a removals package we think fits your requirements.

In addition to booking your removal service, we can offer smart advice on other things which might help you. We’ve been moving people and businesses in Surrey for many years now, and we’ve undertaken a variety of different relocations. This gives us a lot of insight and experience, which we often apply for emergency scenarios.

For properties with three bedrooms or more, we will suggest our Large Removals service. But this is also valid for people in smaller homes if they have items that take up more space in the removal’s van. Our Large Removals service can get the entire load done in one journey. And our team will plan everything in detail to ensure we cause a minimal amount of interruption.

Our Small Moves service is a superior man and van package that’s ideal for smaller houses and apartments. The vans are better at parking on busy inner-city streets, and you won’t have any issues with blocking the road with a large vehicle. This service comes with two of our expert team members to do all the packing and heavy lifting.

Online Reviews Lead to Excellent Customer Care –

With so many removals and storage companies operating in Surrey, it isn’t easy to know who to book with. How do you know you’ll receive a decent service and get everything to your new home in one piece? Luckily, it’s now much easier to find a reliable removals company without asking your family, friends and colleagues for recommendations, although you should still ask around. Word of mouth is still a useful way of finding a reputable service provider.

It’s now straightforward to research any company by looking at review platforms. By using Google Live, Trustpilot and Facebook, you can see how previous customers rated them. Furthermore, they often leave written reviews giving feedback on the service they received. This is an invaluable tool that places more power with the consumer. You can read WH Cox & Son’s five-star reviews here.

At WH Cox & Son, we can help you with the practical steps for Covid-cleaning your home or workplace. Whether that’s setting you up with a professional cleaner or renting a self storage unit for your possessions, we’ll get things moving in the right direction. Should you need an emergency removals job, we’ll deploy a team out straight away.

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Leading Removals and Storage Provider –

WH Cox & Son moves thousands of people every month, even during the previous national lockdowns. Our top priority is to make every relocation as stress-free, while ensuring we meet the highest standards of customer service and our Covid-19 Policy. There’s no job too big or small for our team, and we’ll gladly provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

WH Cox covers the whole of Surrey, including London and the neighbouring counties. We’re continually thinking of ways to pass on any information or advice that helps our customers. Moreover, we believe that removals and storage should be inclusive, which is why we keep our prices as low as possible. It’s possible to receive excellent customer service without paying over the odds.

If you’re thinking of Covid-cleaning your home, please contact us today. We have a range of services to help you achieve your goal.