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Our Guide for the Best Time of Year to Move in Surrey

Posted on January 20, 2021 by W.H. Cox
Our Guide for the Best Time of Year to Move in Surrey

If you’re thinking of moving to Surrey, you’re not alone. There’s been a covid exodus from London, for understandable reasons. The prospect of lockdown when you live in a small property with no garden or balcony is intensely dispiriting. No wonder more and more people have wondered, ‘Why am I here?’ and seriously reconsidered their attachment to the capital. There’s so much to benefit from when you spread your wings and head to the Home Counties, of which Surrey will always be one of the prettiest. It’s a big decision that comes with a number of secondary decisions. 

Choosing the Ideal Time to Relocate

Working out when you want to move is a complex process for everyone. Different variables come into play depending on your lifestyle and family setup. People with children will need to take into account matters such as finding schools and will usually not want to force their offspring to change schools in the middle of the academic year. For them, a move over the long summer holiday makes the most sense. Other movers will be free of those constraints. Some of them might need to choose their time of year based on expense. The winter months are the least popular, but during them better deals can be found. Once you’ve settled on your ideal time of year to relocate, you’ll also want to consider what day of the week suits you best. Sundays tend to be the least popular, which means that reduced rates are sometimes applicable.

What’s the Best Month or Season to Move?

There’s no single answer to that question. Again, it all comes down to the specifics of your move and your own preferences. There are potential advantages and drawbacks to all. For example, summer gives you longer hours of light (and their mood-boosting effects). On the other hand, heaving heavy boxes (and performing all the other physically demanding aspects of a move) when there’s sweltering heat can be no joke whatsoever. Spring and Autumn are popular for their milder conditions and are also good seasons for deal-hunters because they fall outside the ultra-popular May to September months. Some people are wiling to endure a move in the dark, icy depths of winter because they’ve found a special deal that’s only available at that point of the year.

How to Create and Use a Moving Checklist

Only the pathologically foolhardy would ever attempt a move without a moving checklist. The human brain simply cannot be relied upon to retain all the detail. There’s too much critical stuff that must be quickly brought to mind, sometimes at very short notice. You also have to bear in mind the order in which things need to be done. A good checklist is the answer and you’ll find plenty of print-and-go checklists online. Why not check out the WH Cox & Son Moving Planner which will get you off to a good start. 

Is Self Storage Useful when Relocating?

Not only is self storage useful when you’re moving house, sometimes it’s vital. There’s a multitude of ways in which it can make all the difference to a successful relocation. Some people will be downsizing and find they have an excess of belongings and nowhere to keep them. Self storage buys them time so that they can move first and then worry about the surplus belongings later, when calm has been restored. Other people will have to leave their old home before their new one is ready. During the interim, they’ll usually rent somewhere short-term – self storage not only takes care of the problem of what to do with their possessions, it gives them easy access should they need one or more of their stored items during the storage period. In this situation, it makes sense to use a self storage facility near the new property so that when the day to move in arrives, the journey from storage facility to property is just a few miles. Find out more about self storage and how it could help you More About Storage

What’s the Difference Between Storage Options?

Storage usually comes in two options – self storage and containerised storage. Self storage is perfect for people who need to be able to access their stored items whenever they want and at short notice. It works for both short- and long-term needs and is usually a bit more expensive than container storage. Container storage is a deeper kind of storage – all your goods are sealed in their container and it’s unlikely you’ll need to see them again until it’s time to retrieve them (although it’s certainly possible to access your container by request, during the storage period, sometimes with a charge). Container storage can be used long and short-term.

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