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Preparing Clothes and other Material Items for Long-Term Storage

Posted on February 20, 2019 by W.H. Cox
Preparing Clothes and other Material Items for Long-Term Storage

Whenever we choose to store something, it’s important to consider two crucial factors before you start packing it or them away. The first is to ensure you select reliable removal and storage provider like WH Cox & Son. A spotless local reputation is a sure sign you will receive an impeccable level of customer service. The other thing you should consider is the exact type of item you plan to put in storage.

If you’re organising your wardrobe and need extra space, the best way to do this is by renting a storage unit. However, even if you choose wisely and rent with WH Cox & Son, you’re still storing materials that can potentially degrade. That’s why you should pay specific attention to any unusual materials and the labels on your clothing. Using too little or too much packaging before you put your items into your storage unit could result in unforeseen damage.

How to Store Clothes Long Term –

When it’s time to put clothing into storage, it’s essential that you safeguard every item as much as possible to avoid damage. Protecting your clothing is simple and won’t cost much. The more you prepare your clothing before storage, the longer the materials will last. This means that you can keep your favourite outfits in near perfect condition for many years.

It’s crucial that everything is thoroughly clean and dry before you put your clothing in storage. Even a slightly damp piece of fabric can create a lot of microbiological activity, which then causes mould to occur. And in extreme cases, this can permanently damage the material. This is particularly the case for fabrics that are easily damaged, like silk or satin.

You’ll need to wrap some items in plastic, especially suits and expensive clothing. Don’t be tempted to pack your clothes too tightly when storing them. It’s pointless taking the extra care to use storage when you’re jamming your clothes together to save space. Give every outfit our clothing item enough space and avoid putting too much pressure on them when placing them in storage.

Other Tips for Storage of Clothing –

Before you put any clothing into plastic wrapping or packaging, you should create an inventory of every item of clothing or apparel. There is a simple, efficient and tech-savvy way to do this. You can download a home inventory app from Google Play or iTunes. Then, you can record each item as you go.

We’re all guilty of hanging onto a beloved jumper or pair of jeans we hope we can fit into again in the future. Unless they hold real sentimental value, give them away to charity to free up more space. If there are items that are valuable, but you never wear or use them, you can also consider selling them online on platforms like eBay.

For any items that you plan on keeping at home, you can still create more space. If you purchase some storage boxes, you can utilise space under the bed, on tops of wardrobes and in the garage or loft. You can even consider getting fitted wardrobes that have efficient, foldaway features to open up your living spaces.

And more importantly – make good use of the rooms and spaces you’re reclaiming. You can use your spare bedroom to have guests stay over or to convert into a study. Now that the boxes of old clothes are gone, the cars might be able to return to the garage.

WH Cox & Son – We’re Surrey’s Most Reputable Storage Provider –

WH Cox & Son works with customers from all over Surrey and the surrounding counties. For us, customer service is the number one priority of our team. We make it the first thing we think about before we rent out any storage unit and the last final consideration as we finish offloading your items. It’s essential that we provide the service for each customer needs.

There are two main advantages when considering whether storing your clothing and accessories will work for you. WH Cox works with hundreds of customers who use us for their storage needs every year. And each one tells us about how much more room they have at home, specifically wardrobe space. On top of that, storage enables you to safeguard your clothing from damage and even theft.

The WH Cox team are happy to assist you with packing your storage unit and creating an inventory list. We believe that storage and removals should be available to everyone, which is why we keep our prices low. Our customers are fortunate to receive the best of both worlds. A high standard of customer service and good value for money.

If you’re thinking about using storage to safeguard your unworn clothing in Surrey, please feel free to contact us at any time. We’re always happy to discuss our range of services.