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Reasons Why People Use Container Storage in Surrey

Posted on August 31, 2018 by W.H. Cox
Reasons Why People Use Container Storage in Surrey

We all have different needs when it comes to living spaces and storage requirements. Even if we live in a three or four-bedroom house, we all find times where we need to create more space.This is where container storage becomes an ideal solution for your space or storage issues. Just by renting one basic storage container, you can free up an entire room’s worth of space.

WH Cox & Sonprovides storage for customers from all over Surrey and the surrounding areas. And one of the aspects that makes storage so appealing is the additional level of security against theft or damage to your possessions. There are many different uses for container storage, for home and business customers in Surrey.

Popular Reasons for Using Container Storage –

The ethos behind WH Cox’s Container Storageservice is unbeatable security for your possessions. Additionally, we believe in making as convenient as possible for our customers to start storing with us. That’s why we bring the container to you. We’ll transport one of our container units by lorry to your doorstep. Then, we’ll help you pack and create an inventory list.

After we pack and seal your container, we lorry it back to our storage warehouse in Bookham. Each container goes into a holding position where it will remain until you need your possessions again. You will have the peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure in our storage warehouse, which has excellent security systems in place.

Our customers know that their furniture, appliances and other items are safe from theft or damage. And they use our container storage for various reasons. One of the most popular requirements for storage is relocations where there are gaps in the moving dates. People often sacrifice a few weeks or months to ensure they get their ideal property and storage is the perfect solution for their belongings.

Other people might be going out of the country for several months, and they don’t have a permanent address to keep their possessions in. Even if they are homeowners, it’s never a good idea to leave valuables in an empty property. Lights on timers and security systems don’t so easily trick thieves. It’s better to be safe with storage than sorry after a break-in.

A Range of Related Services in Surrey with WH Cox –

WH Cox offers a collection of storage and removals packages. From experience, if you want to meet customer expectation, you need to provide options. That’s why we have an assortment of removals vehicles, which makes it possible for us to accept any removals or storage job.

For smaller loads of furniture and appliances, we tend to use Man & Vanservice in Surrey. This service is also more suitable for relocations between short distances and inner-city or town moves. That’s because the smaller vans are easier to navigate through traffic. It can also be more efficient to park and load the smaller vans. It will also keep your neighbours happy.

If you’re moving out of the three or four-bedroom house, the choices are between undertaking multiple pickups with a man and can service or to do it all in one go. Our Home Removalsservice utilises the larger removals vehicles and has the capacity to pack and transport more items.

WH Cox makes regular trips to Europe to relocate peopleto most of the continent’s capital and major cities. We work with the Master Removers Group, which is a network of removals and storage companies that put customer service first. This collective of like-minded providers gives us the ability to relocate people nationally, in Europe and further afield.

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Number One for Storage and Removals –

WH Cox & Son operates throughout Surrey and the surrounding counties. For us, customer service is the number one priority of our team. We make it the first thing we think about before we start a relocation and the last final consideration as we complete the job. It’s essential that we provide the service each customer needs.

There are two main advantages when considering whether storage can benefit you. WH Cox works with hundreds of customers who use us for their storage needs every year. And each one tells us about how much more room they have at home or work. On top of that, storage enables you to safeguard your possessions from damage and theft.

The WH Cox team are happy to assist you with packing your storage unit and creating an inventory list. We believe that storage and removals should be available to everyone, which is why we keep our prices low. Our customers are fortunate to receive the best of both worlds. A high standard of customer serviceand good value for money.

If you’re thinking about using storage in Surrey, please feel free to contact usat any time. We’re always happy to discuss our range of services.