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Relocating Your Whole Company in Surrey With Our Office Removals Service

Posted on December 12, 2018 by W.H. Cox
Relocating Your Whole Company in Surrey With Our Office Removals Service

If you own a company and you’re considering relocating to a new property or area, it’s usually because of space issues or lack of storage options. And if you have your mind set on changing things up, it’s crucial that you get everything you need out of your new building. That includes enough room to improve your productivity, plenty of storage space, as well as essential amenities for your staff. When it comes time to start putting some serious organisation into your relocation, make sure you book with a reliable removals company.

WH Cox & Son moves thousands of companies every year in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We have the right business removals or storage package to fit the criteria of just about every sector. Whether you’re upgrading to larger premises or downsizing to a more manageable one, we have you covered. It all starts with planning your relocation as early as possible, and the first point of call is to contact the WH Cox team.

Top Tips for Relocating Your Business in Surrey –

The first thing you’ll need to work out is the date of departure from your current office or workspace. Read through your lease and work out what the final date of tenancy is. It’s crucial that you notify your landlord or agency of your plans to relocate within the agreed notification period. When you know this and are ready to contact your landlord, you can start to look for other commercial properties.

To help your search, you should find an estate agent that specialises in commercial rental properties. Provide them with a thorough list of your requirements and essential items and let them arrange some viewings. Additionally, you need to work backwards from the date of departure to the present day. This is how you’ll split your relocation tasks into smaller action points.

Once you have your action points, create some deadlines for each task and share them with your employees. The first action point is to contact WH Cox & Son to book your relocation – we will be able to help during the planning stages. The best way to tackle your relocation is to try and complete at least two or three action points per week in the run-up to your final week.

By creating this comprehensive list of tasks, you’ll make things a lot easier when it comes to the big moving day. Not only that – you’ll have more time to avoid any undue delays and unnecessary downtime. The goal here is to prevent loss of productivity and to complete an efficient relocation. Then, you’ll have plenty of time to notify your clients and suppliers as you end each action point.

Choosing the Right Removals Service in Surrey –

WH Cox has a selection of removals vehicles available, making it possible for us to take on any size of office or commercial relocation. We can move you out on Friday to start in the new office on Monday morning, especially if we can start planning as early as possible. For larger or more complicated relocations, we’ll assign a project manager to oversee the entire relocation.

The WH Cox Office Removals team are all experts in business relocations, often with previous experience in IT or trade situations. We can undertake all your IT and communications infrastructure and migration, including the installation of equipment. We can arrange your office so that it’s a mirror image of your current one, or we can start with a new design layout.

WH Cox not only delivers a high standard of service, but we also offer the best rates in today’s market. We think that every company should be able to pay a reasonable price and receive the highest standard of service, not one or the other. That’s why businesses return to work with WH Cox for future relocations or one of our other services.

WH Cox – We’re Surrey’s Number One for Commercial and Business Relocations –

At WH Cox, we cover the whole of Surrey and surrounding areas, which includes regular trips to London and back. Customer service is a crucial aspect of our company ethos, and it drives everything we do. That’s why we’re the number one for businesses in Surrey. Our customers know that we can deliver the right removals service for their company.

The WH Cox team takes planning very seriously, and we assess everything thoroughly in advance of your moving day. We have an expert Office Removals team who will be able to dismantle your current office and have you up and running in your new location in no time.

When it comes to moving an entire company, it pays to use a reliable and reputable company. And that’s what thousands of businesses do every year in Surrey. They book WH Cox & Son because of our proven track record for business removals and storage.

If you’re looking to relocate your company in Surrey, contact us today. We guarantee to reduce your downtime and have your company operation by the following Monday morning.