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Surrey Office Removals with WH Cox

Posted on October 5, 2017 by W.H. Cox
Surrey Office Removals with WH Cox

If you’re planning on relocating offices, it’s important to book a reliable removals company. It’s all about timing. Your business needs to get out of the old place and into the new one as soon as possible. This will help you reduce any downtime and potential loss of earnings. As well as that, you will be able to avoid missing deadlines and disappointing your clients.

WH Cox has a range of services that also includes office removals. We understand that it’s important to avoid delays in relocating offices. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help reduce the stress of your office move.

WH Cox’s Top Tips for your Office Move – 

Book with a reliable company – this is our first tip. When you shop around for a removals company, look for their reviews and testimonials. If you can’t find either, then it’s best to avoid them. Any reliable company is more than happy to promote themselves via their reviews. Any that aren’t might cause issues and delays.

Equipment and furniture inventory – this is a must. You need to know exactly what’s going with you to the new office. This also provides an opportunity to see what state your office furniture is in. If the desks are falling apart, then it might be time to invest. You can do your inventory the old-fashioned way on paper or a Word document. It might be a good idea to download a home inventory app instead so that you have photos to go with your list. You’ll need to get insurance for your office equipment, and these inventory apps are an easy way to share this information.

Contact your removals company – we’ll assume that you’re going to make the right choice and book with WH Cox. Contact us as early as possible so we can talk and walk you through what you need to know in the lead-up to, and on the day of your big move. It’s our job to make you feel at ease and to reduce the stress of relocating your office.

Utility bills – remember to inform your clients, sub-contractors, and utility providers that you’re moving. The last thing you want is to confuse your customers or associates, as well as receiving a huge electricity bill for an office you left two months ago.

Shared Workspaces and Saving Money – 

Before you sign your lease for a new office, it’s worth thinking of ways to maintain your overheads. If you’re moving because of the limited room available, then it might be worth seeing if you can share office space. This is always worth checking out. You might find that one of your sub-contractors has space that they can sub-let to you for a reasonable price.

You might also find a suitable property that has a lot of space which would allow you to sub-let. This is especially worth considering if you find a reasonably priced building with lots of storage space and meeting rooms. A like-minded business might also be looking for office space which would also reduce your rental overheads. 

WH Cox & Son – We’re Surrey’s Best Office Removals Company – 

WH Cox works with hundreds of business customers every year. We do office removals every week of all sizes. It’s important that we build close relationships with our clients because we hope that they use us again for removals and storage. WH Cox also gets a lot of referrals from happy customers because of our attention to detail of high level of service.

The WH Cox team know all about IT migration and transporting expensive equipment. It’s our job to reduce the stress of your office move and to transport everything carefully. We have the right packing materials to make sure there is no damage.

We turn up on time and delivery the results. There are no office removals too big or small. WH Cox takes pride in our ability to meet deadlines and surpass expectations.

From your first call to us, we will do our utmost to make sure you feel at ease for your big move. Furthermore, we will discuss our range of services and any concerns or to answer questions.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly offer advice on your office relocation.