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Surrey’s Best Commuter Towns for London Workers

Posted on March 19, 2021 by W.H. Cox
Surrey’s Best Commuter Towns for London Workers

For anyone who’s thinking of leaving London to find a better quality of life, commuter towns represent an excellent opportunity. Surrey is in an ideal position for people who want to retain ties with the capital, especially for work reasons. It’s convenient for rail travel, with most towns having a short commute time. It’s possible to find a bigger home with garden space while continuing to work in London.

WH Cox & Son moves hundreds of people out of London and into Surrey every year, and we expect this trend to increase. The change in attitudes towards living in cities has been a noticeable consequence of the lockdown. Londoners, in general, are suffering from city fatigue, and most want to try something new. Here are Surrey’s best examples of commuter towns for people who are considering their housing options this year.

The Continued Popularity of Commuter Towns –

While London has historically had a lot of people leaving and moving into the capital annually, there’s something different about the mindset at present. And it’s not just homeowners – renters are tired of the expensive costs they face each month. Affordable housing developments tend to be in suburban areas outside of London.

This is why we expect 2021 to see more people and businesses leaving Greater London to set up homes elsewhere. The rise in rent and rates being a factor for SMEs, with many stating it’s no longer possible to remain in London. Many people see this as a time for re-evaluation and real change. And this could see an influx of new residents in Surrey.

When it comes to variation, you’ll find something different in each commuter town in our county. Some are quieter, but a few larger towns will have similar amenities to the outskirts of London. There are some expectations of a culture shock at first, but people will soon realise the benefits. This includes a lower cost of living and much better value for money housing.

WH Cox’s Top Commuter Towns in Surrey –

Next, we’ll look at some data which people prioritise when scouting for a new home. The information we’re using is the average house price, travel time to London by train, and the cost of an annual train season ticket.

Guildford – 

  • *Average House Price – £614,781
  • **Travel Time to London – 40 – 45 minutes one way
  • ***Cost of Annual Train Season Ticket – Lowest – £3936; Highest – £5876

Horley – 

  • Average House Price – £384,788
  • Travel Time to London – 30 – 45 minutes one way
  • Cost of Annual Train Season Ticket – Lowest – £3108; Highest – £3756

Staines – 

  • Average House Price – £471,985
  • Travel Time to London – 35 – 45 minutes one way
  • Cost of Annual Train Season Ticket – Lowest – £2844; Highest – £3960

Dorking – 

  • Average House Price – £513,326
  • Travel Time to London – 50 – 65 minutes
  • Cost of Annual Train Season Ticket – Lowest – £2888; Highest – £4292

Epsom – 

  • Average House Price – £561,579
  • Travel Time to London – 35 – 40 minutes
  • Cost of Annual Train Season Ticket – Lowest – £2084; Highest – £3072

Data sources: *Zoopla for average house prices; **Google Maps for train times; ***Trainline for season train ticket prices.

Housing Schemes for Low-Income Households –

Your next line of research is first-time and low-income buyers’ schemes. This is something you’ll need to read up on and check on any changes to regulations or availability. The government know the issues facing people who want to get onto the property ladder. That’s why various schemes were created to try and stimulate a new wave of homeowners.  Some examples are Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, and Starter Home Scheme, but you’ll need to discuss them with a mortgage expert.

It’s possible to explore other paths when trying to find affordable properties. Housing auctions in Bath are an excellent way to acquire a house or flat well below the typical market price. Property development offers the chance to buy a building that needs renovation. You’ll have to be willing to project manage the whole restoration, in addition to whatever your full-time job is.

The best way to approach this is to do your research, contact a mortgage advisor or your bank’s home loan manager. You need to understand your budget if you qualify for a mortgage and if you can receive any benefits from a housing scheme. From there, you can begin listing features you’re looking for in a property, such as the number of bedrooms.

Our Range of Removals and Storage Services –

When you’re further along the process, you’ll need to continue maintaining a lean budget for your relocation. WH Cox & Son has two domestic removals services, and they cover most relocation scenarios. It’s worth noting we are happy to tweak aspects of our existing packages wherever possible to accommodate any unique specifications.

Our Small Moves service is a man and van package which we suggest for people with fewer possessions to transport. A term we use for the volume of items is the load, and we begin assessing this from your initial inquiry. Then we have our Large Removals service covers a variety of sizes of the vehicle up from man and van.

For properties with three bedrooms or more, we will suggest our Large Removals service. But this is also valid for people in smaller homes if they have items that take up more space in the removal’s van. Our Large Removals service can get the entire load done in one go. And our team will plan everything in detail to ensure we cause a minimal amount of interruption.

Self storage is a good contingency plan if a delay does occur, but it’s also a proactive measure for when you need more space. WH Cox has storage units available in various sizes. If your circumstances change during your rental period, we’ll discuss your options and upgrade or downsize you to a different unit.

A Five-Star Removals and Storage Provider –

When booking a removal or storage service, the thing we all want is good customer service. It’s essential to feel confident in your moving company and that everything reaches your new home in one piece. Typically, this means paying over the market average for an expensive company. However, there’s a way of researching to see if you can match value for money and excellent service delivery.

By using Google Reviews, Trustpilot and Facebook, you can see how previous customers rated them. Furthermore, they often leave written reviews giving feedback on the service they received. This is an invaluable tool that places more power on the consumer. You can read WH Cox & Son’s five-star ratings and reviews here.

At WH Cox & Son, we can help you with the practical steps for moving to one of Surrey’s commuter towns. For many people, relocating causes a lot of stress, and they worry about forgetting tasks because of other commitments. Luckily, we’re here to assist you at every stage of the process, including the planning and preparation for your move.

WH Cox & Son – Linking You with the Ideal Commuter Location in Surrey –

WH Cox & Son relocate thousands of people every year in Surrey, with many searching for a lower cost of living and bigger homes. The best part is you won’t have to sacrifice your job in the capital. The transport links between Surrey and London are excellent, with most commutes under one hour by train. It’s possible to have a large, detached house with a decent garden without finding a new job.

Customer service is the cornerstone of everything we do here at WH Cox. This extends beyond our removals and storage services. We believe in passing on helpful information that helps people realise their ambitions. For us, it’s all part of a comprehensive level of customer care, which results in a successful relocation.

If you’re planning an upcoming move from London to a commuter town in Surrey, please feel free to contact us. In addition to having a broad selection of removals and storage packages, we’ll happily discuss life in Surrey with you.