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Kickstart 2020 – Tips and Hacks for Spring Cleaning your Home

Posted on January 9, 2020 by W.H. Cox
Kickstart 2020 – Tips and Hacks for Spring Cleaning your Home

After the festivities are over you might be left with more than extra presents to contend with. If you were a host for overnight guests or a New Year’s Eve party, you would have the headache of a messy house to deal with. The clutter might have been building up beforehand, culminating with a massive task ahead. At WH Cox and Son, our best advice is don’t wait until spring to do a thorough clean. Start 2020 with a clean slate and a tidy house by using storage to organise your home.

Top Hack for 2020: Declutter Your Home in One Week –

Set a deadline – yes, this sounds trite but setting a timeline can help to drive progress. Give yourself no more than one week to start and complete the decluttering job to save yourself lots of wasted hours of procrastination.

Home inventory app – download one now and start getting used to its features. A good home inventory app can save you lots of time when you need to locate something. It splits objects per room with images of each item. A perfect solution for insurance submissions and claims and there are plenty of free apps available.

Get them all involved – a job shared saves time and can help to make a menial task more fun. Invite some friends over, rope the extended family in, and do the work in half the time.

Set room goals – what’s the reason for decluttering your home? Maybe you want to use the spare room for a guest, and the car should be in the garage, not on the drive. It’s a good idea to remember this when you’re in the middle of container-wars in your loft. Have a plan set for each room to help keep focus.

Take no clutter prisoners – don’t be tempted to start putting little ‘maybe’ piles to the side. Be brave, be bold, and be prepared to get rid. If you’re guilty of being a hoarder, then it’s a good idea to get someone to help you maintain your clutter due diligence. This will prevent you regressing into your old cluttered ways.

Self Storage and Other Organising Tips –

There’s something that most people don’t realise, often until a problem occurs. A majority of houses and apartments are not built for storage purposes. Yes, most, if not all, have spaces to store things. But that doesn’t mean the construction materials present can protect from damp conditions. And the slightest leak from the roof or a wall can cause damp. And even the most modern alarm systems can’t guarantee to prevent theft occurring.

Alternatively, using storage gives you complete security for your possessions. WH Cox & Son has a variety of storage packages available for households and businesses. Every storage unit has environmental controls to safeguard from things like damp or overheating. And our facilities have state of the art security measures in place.

From the perspective of what benefits you can gain through using storage, the main one is the extra space it enables. Storage makes it possible to move your belongings out of the home safely and securely. This means you can reclaim the garage, spare room and loft to use for better purposes. Just think of the possibilities of having these new living spaces at home!

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Favourite Storage Provider –

WH Cox & Son is Surrey’s favourite storage company, and we go the extra mile for our customers. We will do everything at our disposal to meet your requirements and will be as flexible as possible. We also have a range of additional removals services if you are considering relocation in 2020.

The WH Cox team believe that storage and removals should be available to everyone, which is why we keep our prices low. Our customers are fortunate to receive the best of both worlds. A high standard of customer service and good value for money.

If you’re thinking about using storage to organise your home in Surrey, please feel free to contact us at any time. We’re always happy to discuss our range of services and how storage can benefit you.