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Top Decluttering Tips from WH Cox

Posted on September 3, 2017 by W.H. Cox
Top Decluttering Tips from WH Cox

A lot of people keep ‘to do’ lists for things around the house or to help organise their day at work. And sometimes these lists grow the busier we are, and inevitably, we end up struggling to get some tasks completed. One of those tasks on this unattended list is to clean the house. One certainty is that busy lives lead to clutter.  It’s not easy keeping on top of things when balancing work and family life.

It’s time to cease the day and get this one lingering task started. To help you declutter your home, we’ve put together some of our top tips for improving our living spaces by reducing unused items in the home.

Top Decluttering Tips – 

Your decluttering task should be considered a project. The primary objective is to create as much living space as possible. To do that, you’ll need to allocate a decent amount of time to it. Give yourself one week to complete your decluttering project and take no prisoners. This is a major overhaul of your house or apartment, and you’re taking back control. Your possessions no longer own you.

Be brave and make a list with a few categories. You need to work out what you use a lot, things you sometimes use, others you rarely use, and ones you haven’t used for month or years.

Tackle the rarely to never used possessions first because most of these items are going. If they’re worth money, try and sell them. That can be via an online service like eBay or Gumtree, or a pawn shop. If they aren’t worth much, give them away. There are plenty of local charities in Surrey that are happy to receive donations. For the remaining items – if they’re taking up space, then try and put them in plastic container storage boxes and label them. There are some exceptions to the usage rule.  If you have things like photo albums, sentimental things or valuables, it’s worth considering whether the home is the best place to store them.


The Advantages of Storage – 

Once you begin to create more space by selling or giving things away, it’s time to think bigger picture. For certain items that hold sentimental value and can’t be replaced, then it’s possible that storing them at home isn’t a good idea. Our homes are not built for secure storage or to withstand damage. For example, if you own several paintings and keep them in your loft, a loose roof slate and some heavy rain could cause damage. Even things like damp can warp your possessions.

WH Cox offers excellent storage for your valuable and important possessions. WH Cox will arrive at your house or apartment to collect your items and secure them in one of our storage containers. From as little as £ 13.00 per week, we will keep your possessions safe and secure, as well as help you create more living space.


WH Cox & Son – We’re Here to Help – 

At WH Cox, we like to get to know the people we work with. It’s our goal to help our customers get the right service they need at an affordable price. From the first time you contact us, we’ll do our utmost to make your removals or storage experience as smooth sailing as possible. We’re always here to guide you through every aspect of your decluttering project, and we are confident we can make the job more manageable.

Our advice is to set a goal. Give yourself a short amount of time to complete it, and jump straight into the task at hand. Be brave, don’t cut corners. Additionally, download a home inventory app to catalogue the items you are keeping, and stay focused. Furthermore, call in assistance from some straight-talking friends of family to save you from your inner-hoarder.

Please contact us today to discuss anything related to your decluttering project or storage. We’re always happy to help