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Top Five Everyday Apps for Homeowners

Posted on October 20, 2017 by W.H. Cox
Top Five Everyday Apps for Homeowners

One of the latest ways of improving various parts of your life is via apps. Whether you want to lose weight or keep track of your sleeping patterns, there’s an app for it. If you need to take an inventory for your insurance company, you’ll find an app for that as well.

The great thing about apps is that they’re relatively cheap or free to download. It’s easy to find an app just by visiting Google Play or the Apple Store. Downloading apps is user-friendly, meaning you won’t need an IT degree to work it out. The WH Cox team are always happy to pass on any tips to our customers so here are some of our favourite apps.

WH Cox’s Top Five Homeowner Apps – 

Billminder – you’ll never miss a bill again. You can sync your insurance and other utility bills in one place and set up auto-payments. This is invaluable to anyone who struggles with organising bills each month. You can add any monthly outgoing, like your mobile phone or internet bill. 

Photo Measures – if you need to measure the kitchen cabinets or a skirting board, this is the app for you. Photo measures are here to assist with any measuring and are excellent for people who don’t carry around a measuring tape. You’ll be able to record measurements like a DIY pro next time you’re in B&Q.

Aroundme – are you new to Surrey? If you’re relocating to the area or visiting, Aroundme is perfect for people to find instant information. It uses your location details and taps into the local information. So, if you fancy a curry and you’re in Guildford, you’ll find a selection within a minute. Need to locate an A&E in Leatherhead? No problem, this app has will help you find the closest one. 

Dream Home – for anyone who’s thinking of redecorating, this is your essential app. Dream Home allows you to test out new colours schemes without applying any paint. If you loathe getting sample kits from your local DIY, this could be your saviour.

Get Surrey – get all the news and relevant information from Get Surrey’s app. You can tailor the news and headlines that interest you while keeping in touch with everything that’s going on. You’ll never miss the latest sports or headline news. You can also get the latest updates from your area in Surrey

Home Inventory Apps – 

Do you know where everything is in your home? Well, there isn’t an app to help you find your keys (yet), but you can list everything with a home inventory app. That way, if you need to find your sewing machine, you can flick through your app and locate it with ease. Most home inventory apps are free or no more than a few quid. They let you save pictures of each item, and you then save everything by room.

You can send your contents information to most insurance companies via these apps. This makes it much easier to submit a new application or to make a claim. It’s also a good idea to keep track of things that may need maintenance, like your boiler or other electrical or gas-related appliances.

Check out these apps – Home Inventory, Sortly, Encircle, and Know Your Stuff. You’ll find everything you need for your home inventory needs and most of them are free.

WH Cox & Son – We’re Here to Help Homeowners in Surrey – 

WH Cox & Son has moved thousands of people in and around Surrey for over forty years. In that time, we’ve made it our mission to make every relocation as stress-free as possible. We are proud to call Surrey our home, and it’s easy to see why so many people choose to move here.

If you’re moving into a new home or apartment, it helps to book with a reliable company. WH Cox is Surrey’s best removals and storage company, and we go the extra mile for our customers. We cover every part of Surrey, and we often relocate people from London. The WH Cox team will turn up on time and fit around your schedule. We have a range of additional services to help you move into your new home.

If you’re thinking of moving to Surrey, please feel free to contact us at any time. Surrey is our home, and we’ll happily discuss any part of life in Surrey and the details of your upcoming relocation.