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Trim Your Business’s Expenses in Surrey with WH Cox & Son

Posted on April 19, 2021 by W.H. Cox
Trim Your Business’s Expenses in Surrey with WH Cox & Son

Now that non-essential businesses have the green light to open their doors to the public again, it’s likely better times are on the way. However, it’s always worth putting some contingency plans in place, even if it’s for a rainy day. One of the best routes for SMEs in Surrey to get back on track is to reduce overheads. Many will still be struggling to meet monthly expenses and trimming some back could give some breathing space.

WH Cox & Son know all about the precarious nature of running a business, but we were fortunate to start our company without dealing with a pandemic. We still understand the challenging time’s companies in Surrey face now, which is why we offer affordable services. Then we add in flexibility so that our packages can adapt to other specifications. Here are some of our top tips for using removals and storage to trim your company’s costs.

Cutting Operating Costs for Businesses in Surrey –

For many companies in Surrey, last year was a turbulent and stressful time, with a lot of the issues carrying over to 2021. Tens of thousands of businesses were unfortunate and couldn’t survive the strain of the various lockdowns. Those that did are still facing months, if not more, of upheaval. And most business owners are still looking for solutions now for coping with another uncertain year.

One way of rebalancing everything is to trim your outgoings and maintain a lean budget. This doesn’t mean a PR exercise in firing staff, and we encourage the opposite. It’s better to find ways to save money in your company’s operational processes. Then you won’t have to put jobs at risk, and you can retain your business’s best assets – your employees.

There are ways of doing this by making some simple adjustments that can end up improving efficiency. WH Cox & Son can undertake all your local distribution with a man and van service. There’s also the possibility of downsizing to a more affordable rental property to reduce your rental costs. Additionally, there’s also an option of using storage as a dedicated workspace.

These are some of the things we’ll be fleshing out in more detail in this article, each in their own section. The aim is to get your budget healthy again and able to trade for many years to come. We sincerely believe it’s possible to lower your running costs and make some improvements simultaneously.

Using Storage to Downsize Rental Property –

The first place you can check for prospective savings is rent and rates. This is a monthly cost that caused severe issues for businesses in 2020. Before you take any action, go through the current lease and see when the renewal date is. Hopefully, you’ll be able to look at other options soon or come to an agreement with the landlord.

It will always depend on what type of company you run, but there are transferrable benefit points to finding a cheaper building to work from. Essentially, you can forgo the need for storage space and move to somewhere smaller. Then rent a self storage unit from WH Cox and save hundreds per month. You won’t have to worry about another contract commitment – it’s a ‘store as long as you need’ situation.

We have a selection of storage room sizes available, all at the lowest rates in Surrey and the surrounding areas. It’s possible to rent more than one and run an entire business from our storage facilities. Our clients have different requirements due to the type of business and how much space they need. We’ll cover this in more detail later in this article, but we hope you understand how flexible storage is.

Retail stores need a decent provision for storage which often means renting a larger shop. However, due to the limitless access during opening hours, it’s feasible to use self storage for this purpose. They can then look at two options to reduce costs and improve their operations. The first is to downsize to a smaller property and save on rental outgoings. The second involves moving to an area with more passing trade with smaller storage space.

Man & Van for Affordable Distribution –

Here’s the beauty of using us for the local distribution side of your business. You won’t need to buy or lease a vehicle, saving you upfront and recurring money. It’s then possible to sell any unnecessary vehicles to raise capital and end your car or van rental expenses. This is a cost-saving measure, but it’s more about what you benefit from using this service that matters.

WH Cox’s Man & Van service is a reliable way to collect materials and equipment, as well as delivering the final products to your customers. No one on your team is taken away from duties to perform this task, and it’s cheaper than renting a van for this purpose. We’ll update you with every successful drop and collection, giving you confidence that everything is running smoothly.

Your items will be entrusted to our removal’s team, who are time-served and have expert handling skills. This includes consummate knowledge on using the proper packaging and placement of objects in the vehicle. This reduces issues the potential for damage or breakages while in transit. We plan every job in detail to ensure your customers receive their items on time.

Business Removals Service for National Jobs –

Everything is about scale for business, and we’ve got solutions to level up wherever the need arises. For larger distribution jobs, we can apply our Business Removals package, which has several specialist functions. It comes with the ability to undertake any size of job anywhere in the UK. We’re also fortunate to work with partners who make it possible to undertake long-distance distribution successfully.

WH Cox & Son is part of the Master Removers Group, an elite collective of removal, storage, and distribution providers. The common thread for this network of partner companies is a dedication to the highest service delivery standard. With depots and warehouses in strategic places spread throughout Britain, we have established distribution routes.

We work with each business client, creating a unique service tailor-made for their company’s needs. For more complicated jobs, we’ll assign a manager to oversee the entire process. There are times when an extra level of care is needed, so we offer a white glove distribution service. Moreover, you can rely on us to provide you with the best customer service for local and national distribution.

Self Storage as Alternative Workspaces –

The subject we’re covering in this section often causes a few raised eyebrows, but it’s something start-ups and entrepreneurs do regularly. Using a self storage unit as alternative offices or workspaces saves people hundreds, if not over a thousand pounds per month. That’s because commercial rental in Surrey isn’t cheap and renting a storage unit is more affordable in comparison.

And the basic concept is a straightforward one. You have a room with electricity, lighting, and a desk, a computer, a router, a printer, and an office chair. It’s an office setup that doesn’t require you to pay a significant chunk of your budget on a deposit and the first month’s rent without setting foot in the door.

Self storage units are an ideal space for an office, stock room or creative studio. It might not be glamorous, but this is your first year of trading, and it’s no-frills until you’re enjoying sustainable growth. You can do your paperwork on one side of your unit and leave the rest for tools, equipment, materials and goods.

There’s no minimum rental period or lease to worry about when you rent a storage unit through WH Cox & Son. It’s up to you how long you want to keep storing and running your business from our facilities. It might be more evident now how easy it would be to start a new enterprise without creating any financial stresses or headaches.

Customer Service and Our Quality Policy – 

At WH Cox & Son, we offer affordable services to help companies in Surrey manage a workable budget. We believe in providing the best customer service possible, which is why we’re Surrey’s number one business removals and storage provider. Our team know how difficult it is to run a company during a pandemic. That’s why we ensure that you won’t have to have further issues with covering costs for local and national distribution.

We’re happy to offer advice to anyone running their own business or has plans on starting one in 2021. It’s not an easy journey, and there will be obstacles and hurdles to overcome. That’s why it makes sense to do two things: set a lean budget and partner with reputable companies. And there’s no better provider to work with than WH Cox & Son, and we guarantee that with our Quality Policy.

WH Cox has removals and storage packages that cater to various business sectors. For us, it’s all about being flexible and understanding that each company has individual needs. We base everything on assessment and strategy, and we’ll go through this in detail with you. You’ll have us in your corner for any tips or assistance at every stage of working with us.

WH Cox & Son – Reduce Your Business’s Overheads in Surrey –

WH Cox & Son works with thousands of people in and around Surrey every month, and we’ve been doing this for over forty years. In that time, we’ve made it our priority to make every relocation as stress-free as possible. There is no job too big or small for the WH Cox team. We only employ experts who have years of experience in removals and storage.

Part of this overall drive for the highest standard of customer service is adding value. We want the business community in Surrey to get back on its feet. It’s our belief this is achievable, but only through making some changes to operational processes. And this all points towards the need to reduce your expenses. And by working with us, you can enact the necessary alterations to your monthly outgoings.  We’re always happy to pass on any information or advice that helps our customers, and we’re just a phone call away.

If you have any questions about how our range of services can trim your business expenditure, please contact us today, and we’ll guide you through each package.