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Using Removals and Storage Services for Your Small Business in Surrey

Posted on May 27, 2020 by W.H. Cox
Using Removals and Storage Services for Your Small Business in Surrey

It’s been an unpredictable year, and the change in the way we live and work as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown will take time to adjust to. Although this seems overwhelming now, there will be opportunities to change things in a positive, proactive way. For businesses in Surrey, things have never been as challenging and uncertain, so it’s vital that we encourage a strong community spirit.

WH Cox & Son works with thousands of business customers every year, and we want every company in Surrey to survive. That’s why we’re working with several companies in Surrey to run their local distribution services.

Removals Services and How They Can Benefit SMEs in Surrey –

A lot of people think of removals and storage in literal terms without seeing additional ways both services can adapt to other situations. One is to move you into a new house or workplace, and the other is where you store things, like old furniture or garden tools. It’s rare that anyone associates either with innovation or anything progressive.

However, there are numerous other benefits outside of these very basic examples. And the reality is removals and storage services have multiple applications. For example – you can use a man & van service to collect and deliver various items and goods. This is often cheaper than using courier companies in situations with multiple points of collection or delivery.

Moreover, your products are handled by professionals who have decades of collective experience between them. At WH Cox & Son, we know precisely how to arrange packages and objects in our vans to reduce any risk of damage. This is why thousands of people trust us with fragile and valuable items every year.

This lockdown might be the ideal opportunity to look into how your business operates to see if you can improve efficiency. You can make some affordable changes that will streamline the collection and delivery aspect of your business. And WH Cox & Son is the perfect company to partner with in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Small-Scale Distribution and Man & Van Services –

Now we can begin to look into ways where removals and storage have been repurposed to take something and to apply it for another scenario. And for companies in Surrey, you can utilise our removals and storage services for local collections and deliveries. This can be to deliver products to suppliers or customers or to send or collection stock or equipment on site.

WH Cox & Son’s Man & Van service is the ideal option when it comes to town or city-centre collection and distribution. You won’t have to give us time to adjust – we can take over your logistics and distribution within twenty-four hours. We’ll discuss everything in detail to see how your business operates, what its primary function is and how we can apply our services to initiate improvements.

For newer companies, it might also save the expense of buying or leasing a vehicle. Every Man & Van job we undertake comes with the use of two of our team to do all the heavy-lifting work and packing duties. This means you won’t have to take a member of your staff off their responsibilities to do this. This might not work forever, but it’s certainly worth looking into to maintain a sensible budget.

All we need from your side is the details of the items and any specific instructions when collecting and delivering items. Our rates are the lowest on the market, and this is coupled with a high standard of customer service. Communication is a vital part of this process. That’s why we make it easy to keep in contact with our team whenever you need to.

A Range of Business Removals in Surrey –

In this article, we’ll look at some ways your business can utilise removals and storage services to your advantage. Before we look into possible new applications for removals and storage packages, it’s worth going over the basics of what services WH Cox & Son offer as part of our range of services.

The WH Cox team provides full Office Removals packages for companies of any size, from start-up companies to multinational corporations. We can provide you with a mirror image office arrangement or new design. The process all takes place through an assessment of the new office’s layout and how your company operates. We have the right expertise and experience to undertake all types of office relocations.

WH Cox & Son has business and commercial container and self storage packages available, and we work with hundreds of clients every year. We have several SME customers who use our units as alternative office space or other similar small-scale workspaces. This makes it possible for people to start their own enterprise without having to burden themselves with expensive outgoings.

All our removals services work on a local and national level, should your company require something on a larger scale. It’s even possible to relocate your business to any city in Europe. We have access to depots all over the UK in strategic positions that are ideal for long-distance haulage and business removals. WH Cox prides ourselves on our ability to be flexible and will do utmost to help businesses thrive in Surrey during this difficult period and beyond.

Commercial Self Storage Applications –

It’s probably more familiar for most people to understand how storage works for individuals and households. Storage isn’t a new thing – the industry has been around for decades. Like all successful sectors, storage has undergone innovation and improvements to move with the times and trends. While this isn’t true for every storage provider, some opting to focus on necessary provisions, WH Cox is always looking for additional applications for traditional ideas.

That’s why lots of businesses in Surrey use self storage to help improve things like efficiency, storage space, alternative workspaces and for logistics purposes. Ultimately, storage is an excellent way to protect your company’s goods and equipment due to the higher levels of security we can offer. You can even link a self storage unit to our removals packages for affordable distribution option for your business.

Let’s look at this in more detail to give you a better idea of how this would work. A man and van service provide you with access to a vehicle which also comes with two WH Cox & Son employees to do all the loading. All you need to do is coordinate any collections and deliveries while we do the heavy work. And if you rent a storage unit from us, it’s even easier to streamline the loading and unpacking.

For retail businesses, you can also create more space in your current store by moving a majority of your stock offsite. You would then free up more storage space for sales and utilise any instore, backroom storage for other purposes. Furthermore, you might also reconsider moving to a more affordable store or one that’s in a position to attract more passing custom.

Self Storage and Alternative Workspaces –

Over the last decade, start-ups and entrepreneurs from every walk of life have taken old ideas and revamped them. When it comes to alternative offices or workspaces, the basic concept is a straightforward one. You have a room which has electricity, lighting, and you put in a desk, a computer, a router, a printer, and an office chair. This is a no-frills office setup which doesn’t require you to outlay lots of money on a commercial rental property.

That’s why storage units are a great space for an alternative office or stock room. It might not be glamorous, but this is your first year of trading, and it’s no-frills until you’re enjoying sustainable growth. You can do your paperwork on one side of your unit and leave the rest for tools, equipment and products.

Self storage is much cheaper than the average commercial rental costs. Additionally, there’s no minimum rental period or lease to worry about when you rent a storage unit through WH Cox & Son. It’s up to you how long you want to keep storing and running your business from our facilities. It might be more evident now just how easy it would be to start a new enterprise without creating any financial stresses or headaches.

Customer Service and Our Quality Policy –

At WH Cox & Son, we offer affordable removals and storage packages to help businesses in Surrey manage a workable budget. We believe in providing the best customer service possible, which is why we’re Surrey’s number one for business. Our team know how difficult it is to run a company these days, especially during the current lockdown. That’s why we ensure that you won’t have to have further issues with covering costs for essential collection and delivery services.

WH Cox & Son is also happy to offer advice to anyone who takes the brave step of starting or running their own business. It’s not an easy journey, and there will be obstacles and hurdles to overcome. That’s why it makes sense to do two things: maintain a budget and partner with reputable companies. And there’s no better company to work with than WH Cox & Son, we guarantee that with our quality policy.

WH Cox has removals and storage packages that cater to various business sectors. For us, it’s all about being flexible and understanding that each company has individual needs. We base everything on assessment and discussion, making sure you understand our process throughout.

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Number One for SMEs –

WH Cox & Son works with thousands of people in and around Surrey every month, and we’ve been doing this for over forty years. In that time, we’ve made it our priority to make every relocation as stress-free as possible. There is no job too big or small for the WH Cox team. We only employ experts who have years of experience in removals and storage.

Even if you’re comparing quotes, contact the us as soon as possible. We’re residents of Surrey, and we love living here. WH Cox covers the whole of Surrey, so we can advise on any area that you might like. We’re always happy to pass on any information or advice that helps our customers, and we’re just a phone call away.

If you have any questions about our range of services, please contact us today, and we’ll guide you through each package.