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Using Storage When Moving to a New House

Posted on May 18, 2021 by W.H. Cox
Using Storage When Moving to a New House

For anyone who’s planning a relocation this year, you’ll have plenty of organising and work cut out for you. Most relocations involve more than one party, and many moving parts are the norm. This might become a bit stressful, especially if there are any hiccups to deal with. That’s why it’s important to lay a solid foundation of preparation.

Part of this is choosing a reputable removal and storage company that can guide you through each step. By booking with WH Cox & Son, you’re already making sound decisions. Our storage services are ideal for people who are moving to a new house, and we’ll go into more details about storage and the benefits for homeowners.

The Ingredients to a Successful Relocation –

We’re often asked, ‘what makes the perfect relocation?’ and to pass on tips to improve the chances of a positive outcome. For us, it all begins (or ends) with the preparation or a lack thereof. If you begin the way you mean to continue, things will inevitably follow suit. That’s why we always ask potential customers to start now.

This blog will discuss our storage and removals services in detail and how they benefit the moving process. This relates directly to relocating and applies to homeowners and tenants. While every move is different, there are standard best practices. Knowing what to do in an emergency could make all the difference and will reduce any panic if it occurs.

By decluttering, you can reduce the number of things you’re moving with and prevent taking anything you no longer use. You can also use storage to help you organise as you pack up. Should you need it, we can assist with this as well, and you can let us do the heavy lifting while you continue with other tasks.

Self Storage – Prevent Clutter when Packing –

Getting your furniture and appliances ready for a relocation is one of those tasks most people put off a bit too long. One of the annoying aspects is you can only prepare things you don’t use until last. This means you will be rushing around during the final week before the moving day. And there’s a sea of full boxes and containers in the way.

At WH Cox & Son, we look for solutions to problems so that we are able to solve them. The best advice we can offer is to use self storage before you begin packing. You can then move everything you pack entirely from your home and out of the way. And there’s nowhere more secure than one of our self storage units.

You’ll be able to continue to organise your move without lugging objects between rooms causing headaches and delays. Then we’ll arrive at your home on the day of the move with everything on board. It’s a seamless operation you won’t have to concern yourself with because we’ll take this burden from your shoulders.

Container Storage – Ideal for Long-Term Needs –

Everyone has different circumstances which dictate what service they need from us. For some, self storage works better if they need access to their possessions without any restrictions. Others might not require unlimited access and are looking for value for money. Additionally, things like storage length come into play.

From experience, we tend to see a long-term customer choose our Container Storage package. That’s because they usually need less access and want cheaper rates. This is precisely what container storage offers, plus an additional bonus for anyone who doesn’t have a suitable vehicle. We can deliver their items to our storage facilities.

We’ll bring the empty storage container to your address, whether that’s at home or work. From there, our team will pack up and then create an inventory of your belongings. Then we’ll seal the container and transport it back to our warehouse. From there, we’ll place it in a stack storage system in our secure storage facilities.

Using Self Storage for Moving Delays –

The worst-case scenario for any relocation is a problem with moving into your new home. Luckily, these last-minute situations are rare. But we have had previous customers use storage because of gaps in moving dates. And there’s little anyone can do to avoid this, even with the most thorough planning and preparation.

This is where self storage becomes a problem-solving master plan to have in your back pocket. The main concern is having nowhere to store your possessions; we can make sure your belongings are safe and secure in our storage facilities. Giving you peace of mind and the ability to tackle the cause of the initial delay.

There’s no minimum contract to worry about – it’s a ‘store as long as you need to’ with WH Cox & Son. Self storage gives you unlimited access during opening hours, and we’ll help with any unpacking or loading. You can count on us when the chips are down, and there’s an urgent need to safeguard everything temporarily.

Man & Van to Transport Belongings to Storage –

Not everyone has access to a large van that can transport larger items to your storage unit. Even a collection of containers and boxes is too much for smaller cars to handle safely. That’s why WH Cox’s Small Moves service works ideally with any storage package for collections and deliveries. You can also ask us to pack and load everything.

We can link a removal and storage package to create a holistic, streamlined service. You won’t have to shop around by working with us, and we can cover both tasks with ease. This will save you time and money with our selection of affordable storage packages. We’ll arrange to collect and help you put together a home inventory list, so you’ll know exactly what items are in storage.

Every man & van service comes with two moving experts to handle and oversee the job from start to finish. They’ll do all the labour-intensive stuff and have superior handling skills. Each removal’s van has industry quality packaging and specialist tools. There’s no job we can’t tackle, giving you more time to spend doing other duties.

Act Now and Starting Planning Today –

There’s no time like the present and there’s things you can no doubt do straight away. Being proactive is the best way to approach any relocation. You’ll feel confident things are progressing by taking charge and starting to clear some of the tasks now. And you’ll also understand the total costs before committing to anything.

At WH Cox & Son, we’ll go through your situation by assessing it in detail. From there, we can give you a free quote which will provide you with the cost of moving and storing. Additionally, we’ll suggest the most suitable packages and why we think it fits your relocation. You’ll know how much everything will cost and the method of delivering the service.

Storage acts in two important ways for movers. You’ll have the reassurance there’s somewhere to store in emergencies. And you can move any full boxes or items into storage while you pack. Both services make relocating a much easier process, and there’s no better way to secure your belongings at any stage of your relocation.

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Favourite Movers and Storers –

At WH Cox, we relocate thousands of people in Surrey and the neighbouring counties every year. We get a lot of customers who are moving for the first time and need some help organising. It’s not always clear for those taking this on without any experience. That’s why we suggest using storage as a complementary add-on package.

From your first call to us, we’ll take you through our services to help you match them with your requirements. The WH Cox team are happy to discuss your relocation at any stage, even if you’re planning or getting quotes. Providing a high standard of customer service is our number one goal, and we go above and beyond for our customers.

If you’re planning on moving home this year and would like to know how storage can help, please contact us today. We’ll gladly discuss our services in more detail and the benefits of using self-storage when relocating.