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WH Cox – Now Part of the Master Removers Group

Posted on January 12, 2018 by W.H. Cox
WH Cox – Now Part of the Master Removers Group

The Master Removers Group sets the standard for removals and storage providers in the UK. It’s the sign of approval which guarantees excellent customer service, with online reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. That’s why the WH Cox & Son team are ecstatic to now be an official member of this elite network of removals and storage companies.

At WH Cox, we strive to provide the best customer service possible at the most affordable rates in Surrey. Each customer receives the best removals or storage service to fit their needs. If you want a stress-free and excellent level of service for your next move, then make sure it’s from the Master Removers Group.

What Sets the Master Removers Group Apart from the Rest –

The Master Removers Group is a network of elite companies that provide removals and storage for thousands of customers every year. The criteria to be part of their group all centres around an excellent level of customer service. In fact, the very best customer service is the bare minimum the Master Removers Group expect from their companies.

Every company is BAR accredited, and it’s crucial that any potential customers can see things like live reviews and testimonials from previous customers. For WH Cox, it has always been an essential element for us. Being accredited is vital, and we would only use companies that adhere to their industry standards. For us, we provide the same level of customer service we would expect to receive.

Customer service is paramount – and the WH Cox team are only too happy to show what our current and past customers think of our company and service.

The Advantages of Using a Reputable Company –

If you want excellent service, you should avoid companies that offer prices that are too good to be true. They often just that, and a lot of our current customers have told us horror stories of appalling service and a lot of breakages. The truth is, a reliable removals company will do everything possible to prevent damage in transit. That means using specific types of packaging for certain items, as well as packing things properly.

A Master Removals Group member company will always turn up on time. Not only that, our approach is the same across the board. Our staff members are friendly and available to talk through any issues or questions. You should always be able to contact a reliable company, even if that’s to arrange a callback. If you do a quick online check of any business, you can often spot the companies that don’t answer their phone or return emails.

Moreover, the final part of the service is that all quotes are free with no obligation. In addition, once the finer details of the job are confirmed, what you’re quoted is what you’ll pay.

WH Cox & Son – Proud Members of the Master Removers Group –

Becoming part of the Master Removers Group was a proud moment for WH Cox & Son. We are now part of a network of removals and storage companies that work together to provide the best service possible in the UK. It’s a platform which we aim to build on to continue providing the highest level of customer service possible.

At WH Cox & Son, we know that it’s vital to build close working relationships with our customers. That’s how we design our removals and storage packages. We listen to feedback so we can provide a range of services cover as many situations as possible.

There is no job too big or small for the WH Cox team. Likewise, we only employ experts who have years of experience in removals and storage. They use the best gear and packing materials to ensure they can take on and complete any removals job.

WH Cox & Son are proud to be part of the Master Removals Group. Our reputation for being Surrey’s favourite moving and storage provider is our number one priority.

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