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WH Cox Removals Training

Posted on January 14, 2016 by W.H.Cox

Before any new recruit to the WH Cox moving team hits the road, they undergo rigorous and in-depth training, to the standards set out by the British Association of Removers (BAR). Fast-acting, quick-thinking, confident and reliable; all these attributes and more need to be in place before any work gets done. We start with a two-hour induction for all road personnel (drivers, packers, porters etc), which imparts to them the basics of health and safety, working at heights, light goods vehicles and crucial miscellaneous information.

Next comes a role-play of a full day, start to finish. Our moving teams check in with the Operations Manager, double-checking that every piece of equipment they’ll need is prepared. Then it’s time to telephone clients and confirm that they are setting out for the job, arriving on time and, upon meeting the client, exuding a courteous and competent attitude. We consider the disposition of our movers one of the most important matters, which is why you’ll never encounter sullen or monosyllabic movers with WH Cox. Our teams then go through the property, determine which materials need packing and loading into the vehicles before being transported to the new location. Our training quarters contain a practice vehicle which allows trainees to learn about how to handle and move valuables, fragile goods, antiques, art and pianos. They also learn how to dismantle IT setups and then put them back together again. A normal moving assignment ends with our teams checking in with the client and making sure that everyone is happy with how things have been executed.

While a new recruit is in his or her first two weeks with us, we’ll begin the advanced stage of their instruction. This is where the most detailed and delicate aspects of removals work is studied carefully. Removing and replacing sash Windows, taking apart large and complicated items (e.g. grand pianos), taking out appliances such as washing machines and then plumbing them back in and much more. Manuals are given to everyone, so that every element of training is remembered. Though it’s done at a quick pace, our training is nothing less than completely thorough. We make sure every crew member works well with others and that new recruits and senior staff gel satisfactorily. Although some aspects of moving can only be mastered on the job, we help our staff to learn as much as is humanly possible before they go out for the first time. Everybody is kept up to date and in tip-top condition thanks to our refresher training sessions. Therefore, when you entrust your move to us, you’re guaranteed a moving team that knows exactly what it’s doing and how to do it well.