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Moving Made Easy with Your Mobile

Posted on November 21, 2015 by W.H.Cox

Moving Home with you phone

A smartphone can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a smooth, trouble-free move rather than a haphazard, disorganised scramble that leaves your brain fried and your life in tatters. By using the appropriate apps and functionality of your phone, you can dramatically up your efficiency and streamline the whole process. In the unlikely event that you haven’t acquired a smartphone, then a tablet can be used to much the same effect. To make your move in this new, switched-on and booted-up, modern manner, here are some suggestions, designed to help you make the most of the available technology.

Learn from Youtube

If there’s a fiddly task you’ve been putting off, perhaps frightened that you don’t know what you’re doing and giving in to procrastination, then get on to Youtube and look it up. There’s bound to be a step-by-step video that’s just right for your quandary. You’ll find advice and tips from actual living, breathing people. It could be that you’re worried about how to handle fragile goods or how best to structure and prioritise your moving-day tasks. Now there’s no more need for sleepless nights in the run-up to your move, and no need to remain uninformed.

Maintain Your Electronic Calendar

Don’t just scrupulously enter forthcoming events into your phone’s calendar. Set up reminders, too, so that a helpful bleep alerts you to crucial moments, either hours or days before they actually occur. Where necessary, pad out the entries with additional notes. Yes, old-fashioned pencil and paper notes can be great aides memoir, but a piece of paper can’t bleep at you at opportune moments.

Remember to back up everything

Take advantage of the free storage space that comes with the various cloud services. For example, with Dropbox, iCloud, Onedrive and beyond, you can spread your most crucial files across the services – including scans of all the documents and contracts pertaining to your move itself. Then, if it becomes necessary to consult paperwork as you go along, you won’t have to dig around for that annoyingly elusive piece of paper. Just think of the time and frustration that you will be spared.

Explore Sortly, Notes and Wunderlist

These apps come into their own during a house-move. Sortly is a moving-dedicated app that helps you track and trace items as you go along. It may be that you can’t remember where you packed away the crockery. But Sortly, which is free, does remember and can be consulted at any time. Wunderlist is one of a number of available to-do-list apps. It syncs across your devices and is very easy to get the hang of in a short amount of time. Notes apps, such as the one from Apple that comes bundled with iPhones, are another way of keeping pertinent information updated across your devices.

 More apps for your move

Check out Evernote and Google Keep. They can be used like the electronic equivalent of handwritten notes, stickies and scrapbooks, but they’re easier to maintain and better yet, you won’t have to spend time deciphering your own handwriting – after all, whose handwriting doesn’t deteriorate at times of panic and stress? It’s also fun to use these apps to keep records of your inspirations. If you spot something you love in a friend’s decor, just take a snap and move it over to the applicable app for future reference.

There are many more ways your smartphone can come alive during the moving process, with new apps popping up every day. The modern-day move doesn’t need to rely on teetering towers of paper and notes. Everything you need is at your fingertips with just a click.