WH Cox & Son – Packing Tips

Posted on February 8, 2016 by W.H.Cox

Packing Tips for moving home

Though it may seem like an impossible, near-Herculean task, with the right planning and foresight, packing up your belongings so that they’re travel-safe and perfectly secure can be done calmly and gradually. Prioritising and preparation play a crucial role and, provided everything is given clear-headed consideration, there’s no reason to fear or dread this stage of your move. You can slash stress-levels overnight by using WH Cox & Son’s packing service, but if you’re going it alone, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Before Your Move

This is the time to conduct a thorough throwing-out of unneeded possessions. If you really go for it and explore the backs of closets and the distant corners of attics, you’ll thank yourself later. Throw sentimentality to the wind and take your cast-offs to charity shops, online auctions and car-boot sales. You can reduce the overall weight and difficulty of your move, plus the cost, by a considerable amount.

Get all the packing materials you’ll need well in advance, preferably from a removals company in Surrey. We can supply and deliver everything you’ll need – just ask. If you’re doing it yourself, then select boxes in an array of sizes and shapes, bubble wrap, masking tape, scissors and labels. Start keeping newspapers to one side – they’ll come in useful for wrapping delicate, breakable items. Find out whether or not your existing contents insurance covers you for damage occurring in the course of your move. If not, we can help and advise.

Planning Ahead

If you’re using our removals and packing service in Surrey, then it’s feasible that you could have every box unpacked on the very day of your move. But if not, then it’s important to think about exactly what you’ll need upon arriving at your new home. This can include things like kettles, coffee machine, cutlery, crockery, snacks and treats. Make a box labelled essentials box for these things so you can access them quickly. You’ll also need an overnight bag, including changes of clothing, pens and a notepad, perhaps a torch, and certainly some loo roll and toiletries. Remember, too, that the things you’ll need first should go into the vehicle last. Lastly, a folder with important documents and ID should be kept close to you and not loaded into the back of a vehicle with the main boxes.

Packing strategy

Take all the time you need, at least two months in advance, to strategise. Consider which items of furniture will need to be disassembled. Packing is inevitably emotional, because you’re confronted by your past, in the form of archives, photographs and forgotten possessions suddenly brought out into the light. Excessive haste makes it a more strained process. The general rule is to start at the top of your property and then work your way down in stages. A calm, collected planning phase pays dividends later on.