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WH Cox & Son – Packing Tips

Posted on July 17, 2021 by W.H.Cox
WH Cox & Son – Packing Tips

Though it may seem like an impossible, near-Herculean task, with the right planning and foresight, packing up your belongings so that they’re travel-safe and perfectly secure can be done calmly and gradually. It’s a case of listing everything that needs action and doing them whenever you’re able to, rather than putting them off.

Prioritising and preparation play a crucial role and, provided everything is given clear-headed consideration, there’s no reason to fear or dread this stage of your move. You can lower your stress levels instantly by using WH Cox & Son‘s packing service. However, if you’re doing it yourself, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Five Steps for a Successful Move –

All too often, our collective mindset is to deal with things as they happen or with little thought to taking preventative measures. Whatever preparation we apply is a bit thin, which is understandable if we’re busy. The problem is, we invariably come unstuck if something doesn’t go according to plan. Mainly because we didn’t have one from the offset, or it’s unsuitable.

Let’s think of this from the position of the end of the relocation, looking backwards. The boxes are in, the relocation was a success, and you’re happy as you unpack the kettle to make your first cup of tea in the new house. Now let’s also add that there was no damage during the move. However, you were initially unsure about how to pack things.

Working back from that point, we’re going to suggest five steps that make this possible. By the end of this article, you can put them in place and tick them off as you complete each task. From there, your chances of a positive experience go up, and you can enjoy a successful relocation. Let’s begin with decluttering and why it’s a good place to kick things off.

Before You Move – Declutter and Get Packaging –

This is the time to conduct a thorough trawl and purge of any possessions you’re no longer using. If you really go for it and explore the backs of closets and the distant corners of attics, you’ll thank yourself later. Throw sentimentality to the wind and take your cast-offs to charity shops, online auctions, and car-boot sales. You can reduce your move’s overall weight and difficulty, plus the cost, by a considerable amount.

Get all the packing materials you’ll need well in advance, preferably from a good removals company in Surrey. We can supply and deliver everything you’ll need – feel free to ask us by phone or email. If you’re doing it yourself, then select boxes in an array of sizes and shapes, including bubble wrap, masking tape, scissors and labels. And although it’s tempting, avoid getting ones from the local shop at the last moment’s notice. They’re usually not in great shape and collapse during packing or unloading.

Start keeping newspapers to one side – they’ll come in useful for wrapping delicate, breakable items. Find out whether or not your existing contents insurance covers you for damage occurring in the course of your move. If not, we will go over your best options and refer you to the relevant people to organise some cover. Furthermore, we’ll go over the benefits of getting us to take on the packing duties for you.

Planning Ahead – Start Early and Prepare –

If you’re using our removals and packing service in Surrey, then it’s feasible that you could have every box unpacked on the very day of your move. But if not, then it’s important to think about exactly what you’ll need upon arriving at your new home. You can box up anything you’re unlikely to use daily a week or more before the moving day to give yourself a head start.

You can include things like kettles, coffee machines, cutlery, crockery, snacks, and treats in your priority pile. Make a box labelled essentials for these things so you can access them quickly. You’ll also need an overnight bag, including changes of clothing, pens and a notepad, perhaps a torch, some loo roll and toiletries.

Remember, too, that the things you’ll need first should go into the vehicle last. This should include your fragile and delicate containers because they’ll need to be kept away from the heavier appliances and furniture. Lastly, a folder with necessary documents and ID should be kept close to you and not loaded into the back of a vehicle with the main boxes.

Packing Strategy – Make a Plan of Action –

It will be best if you take all the time you need, giving yourself at least two months in advance to strategise. Consider which items of furniture will need to be disassembled. Packing is inevitably emotional because you’re confronted by your past, in the form of archives, photographs, and forgotten possessions suddenly brought out into the light.

Excessive haste makes it a more strained process. The general rule is to start at the top of your property and then work your way down in stages. A calm, collected planning phase pays dividends later on. While you’re doing that, remember to inventory everything in a list. This is going to save you lots of time and help when unpacking.

Of course, there’s another option to ponder, and we touched on it earlier in this blog. The WH Cox team can add a packing service to your removal package to do everything for you. If you’re stuck or busy, we’ll assess and discuss taking over this task. That means you’ll have more time to tackle the various other aspects of your move.

Additionally, using self storage will help you create more space before you begin packing. You can move full boxes and containers out, as well as furniture or appliances not used daily. You’ll avoid having to lug things between rooms as you pack. And we’ll be able to load the items straight from your storage unit on the day of the move.

Storage as a Backup – Avoiding Problems –

Putting plans in place will help you if, or when, something causes an issue. Although it doesn’t happen often, delays do occur when people move to a new home. By having something ready on the off chance, you’ll feel calmer when dealing with it. Prepare thoroughly, and you’ll have more confidence in your ability to solve anything that crops up.

Self storage is a lifesaver if you can’t move in on the expected date, especially if you need to vacate your current property. Rather than rushing around contacting everyone you know in a panic, you can rent a storage unit instead. You’ll have the ultimate level of security for your possessions. And WH Cox can arrange this for you straight away.

You’ll have everything in one place, rather than spread out in various people’s houses. Moreover, your belongings will be safe from damage or theft. This leaves you to get on with solving the delay and figuring out anything else that’s related. There’s no minimum storage period either, so you don’t have to worry about overcommitting yourself.

Choose Reliability and Excellent Customer Service –

To give yourself the best start possible, you can line up every point using a reliable moving company. Any removals provider with a rating over four stars will provide good customer service. You can research this before booking via Google Reviews and Trustpilot. Ask each prospective moving company for a quote so you can compare prices.

WH Cox & Son provides every inquiry with a free, no-obligation quotation, and there’s no pressure to sign up with us. We believe in open and transparent pricing, and no hidden or additional fees apply for any of our services. Wherever possible, we’ll also suggest ways to further trim your costs by doing a declutter.

Our reputation speaks for itself, and you can read what previous customers say about us here. We’re a five-star removal and storage company, offering the best of both in Surrey. We work all over the county and are happy to move you anywhere in the UK. You’ll receive outstanding service delivery, all at affordable prices.

WH Cox & Son – Your Go-To Moving Company with Packing Tips –

Start as you mean to go on is a proverb that still holds up today; the same goes with putting your best foot forward. Both point towards the value of preparing and having something in place if things don’t go according to plan. You can’t foresee everything, but there are ways of softening the blow should something go wrong. A backup plan is the best way to find solutions before they get out of hand.

It’s about having things in place to tackle bumps in the road, giving you enough time to put them right. And you’ll have this by booking with WH Cox & Son in addition to us being there at every stage. We have a Quality Policy that ties accountability into every service we offer. We’ll put you on the right path towards a successful relocation.

You can avoid issues by working with Surrey’s favourite moving company. Click here, and we’ll begin assessing your upcoming relocation.