What Steps do I Take to Start My Own Business in Surrey?

Posted on February 10, 2020 by W.H. Cox
What Steps do I Take to Start My Own Business in Surrey?

Whether it’s making good on a New Year’s resolution or a plan that has been in the works for a while, a lot of people will be using 2020 to either start or plan their own company. Surrey is an excellent place to open your own business because it has an active and inclusive community that includes a variety of industries. Every new entrepreneur or business owner will benefit from as much advice and information to help them throughout the beginning of their journey.

At WH Cox & Son, we were once in a similar position. We’re always happy to assist people in realising their ambitions, and we hope this guide is a good starting point.

How Do You Start Your Own Business in Surrey?

Starting your own business will take lots of research and planning, but the following points will give you a decent foundation to build from:

  • Begin saving up enough start-up capital will you’re still working
  • Find an affordable place to work from and avoid any expensive investments
  • Create a business plan which includes a modest budget

Although you might be keen to make a go of your new business idea now, it’s wise to plan this several months or even years ahead. So, don’t quit the day job just yet. You’ll need to deduct a percentage of your wages per month for start-up capital. Small business loans are indeed available, but you can’t rely on them solely. Having your own funds might be the difference between ending your first year with losses or breaking even.

You’ll need somewhere to work from, and it’s also worth noting that this can become a significant monthly expense. That’s why lots of savvy entrepreneurs are using storage as an alternative office or workspace. They’re easy to set up – it’s just a desk, chair computer and a router. Furthermore, self storage is much cheaper than commercial rental. Additionally, there’s no minimum rental period or lease to worry about.

Your business plan is the master document for your venture. In it, you assess risks, cost everything in detail, consider competition and see areas for growth. You can update as you make progress, so it’s not a static document. It’s wise to consider using a business consultant if this is new to you, although there’s lots of information to work with online.

Are There Removals Services That Can Help?

When people think about removals and storage companies, they might not consider how these services have other applications. For example – if you don’t have a car or van but your new enterprise needs some form of transportation, a man with a van service is the ideal solution. While this does add to your outgoings, it’s more affordable than buying or renting a vehicle.

Let’s look at this in more detail to give you a better idea of how this would work. A man and van service provide you with access to a vehicle which also comes with two WH Cox and Son employees to do all the loading. All you need to do is coordinate any collections and deliveries while we do the heavy work. And if you rent a storage unit from us, it’s even easier to streamline the loading and unpacking.

To elaborate more on our previous point – storage units are a great space for an alternative office or stock room. It might not be glamorous, but this is your first year of trading, and it’s no-frills until you’re enjoying sustainable growth. You can do your paperwork on one side of your unit and leave the rest for tools, equipment and products.

WH Cox & Son – Helping Promote New Business in Surrey –

WH Cox & Son are always happy to offer advice to anyone who takes the brave step of starting their own business. It’s not an easy journey, and there will be obstacles and hurdles to overcome. That’s why it makes sense to do two things: maintain a budget and partner with reputable companies. And there’s no better company to work with than WH Cox & Son.

At WH Cox, we offer affordable removals and storage packages to help you keep costs to a minimum. We believe in providing the best customer service possible, which is why we’re Surrey’s number one for small business customers. Our team know how difficult it is to start a company from scratch. And we’re confident that our services can add value to your new venture.

We’re always happy to pass on any information or advice that helps our customers, and we’re just a phone call away. If you have any questions about our range