Tips on Moving to a New House in Surrey

Posted on December 23, 2019 by W.H. Cox
Tips on Moving to a New House in Surrey

For anyone who’s preparing a move to Surrey soon, our first piece of advice is that relocating takes lots of planning. And if you’re in the early stages, it’s a good idea to list all the potential places in Surrey that meet your requirements. To make sure you complete everything correctly, you’ll need to create a moving checklist which will keep you on track. To give you a helping hand, here is the WH Cox and Son guide to moving to Surrey.

Is Surrey a Good Place to Live?

The answer to this is an unequivocal yes! Surrey has a lot going for it and the county’s towns and villages often feature in the best places to live surveys. It’s very popular for people looking for a more scenic place to live and yearn to spend more time outdoors. Additionally, it’s a commuter town paradise and many London exiles make their home here and continue to work in the city.

The schools in Surrey are amongst the best in the UK, with many featuring in Ofsted’s top-ranking list. This is also relevant to higher education institutions, and Surrey hosts some of the best universities and colleges in Southern England. And with favourable house prices in up and coming areas, it’s excellent for young families.

Surrey has a thriving economy; employment levels are high, and the county has a vibrant and well-connected business community. Low crime levels and cleaner air are also why people choose to relocate here. And the hiking trails and outdoor activities available make this the ideal place to set up home.

How Do I Create a Moving Checklist?

What is a moving checklist? You might have heard the term before but you’re unfamiliar with making or using one. Essentially, it’s the master document that will guide your relocation through every stage. It’s specific to your needs and should include a calendar to set deadlines. You’ll need to work backwards from the date of the move to calculate the number of weeks.

Your moving checklist will contain every task you need to undertake to complete your relocation, so start by noting everything down. From there, you’ll split all the larger tasks into smaller action points. This makes things easier to do if you break them down. And aim to complete three of these more minor action points per week minimum. You can start today by contacting WH Cox to book your relocation.

You’ll need to contact utility providers and council to inform them of the date of departure from your current home. Your utility providers will ask you to take meter readings. You must put this on your list to avoid receiving bills months after you move.

It’s crucial that you do lots of research on the place you’re moving to. This should include everything, from healthcare, schools, local amenities, transport and entertainment. Additionally, your checklist can consist of the features you need the new property to have. This advice isn’t exhaustive and can include separate lists. The key thing to remember is that more planning equals a successful relocation.

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Favourite Removals Provider –

WH Cox & Son is Surrey’s number one for removals and storage, and we relocate hundreds of people throughout the county every week. Customer service is the key to our excellent reputation. We operate throughout Surrey and the neighbouring counties, and we often relocate people from London. Furthermore, if you have an area of Surrey that you’re considering, we will provide you with any information we can.

The best advice we can give anyone who’s moving is to start planning as early as possible. It’s crucial to begin organising now to help make your move run smoothly. You’ll be able to identify and fix any small issues before they cause any undue delays. And the WH Cox & Son team are here to assist you with advice and any relevant information.

If you’re moving to Surrey in 2020 and you want to discuss your moving requirements, contact us today. We’ll guide you through our range of services