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Moving to a commuter town in Surrey – The Most Popular Place, Average Costs & Commutability.

Posted on May 10, 2022 by W.H. Cox
Moving to a commuter town in Surrey – The Most Popular Place, Average Costs & Commutability.

Surrey is one of the UK’s top-ranking places to live, and many of its towns and villages are popular places for people relocating from London. Surrey has excellent transport connections to the capital and all of Southern England, which makes it an ideal location if you want a better quality of life. You can have the best of both worlds in Surrey.

For residents of Surrey, the WH Coxteam understand why people choose to move to our county. We enjoy more sunshine that most of the UK per year, in addition to having cleaner air and lots of green spaces and scenic views

Commuting to London

For a lot of ambitious young people, as they leave college or university, their career path and drive point in London’s direction. That’s where the major economic and business decisions and innovation happen. New sectors and companies begin their life here, and it’s where everyone who wants to make a name for themselves gravitates. The vibe and energy that thrives in London are part of the experience as it is a perfect meeting ground for people to connect.

However, as we get older and make progress, London can feel a bit exhausting. The constant movement of the city feels noticeably loud and non-stop. That’s why many people continue to opt out of living in London for a quieter life in one of the many commuter towns. Relocating to the neighbouring counties is still a popular choice for the thirty-plus age group. Working in London is essential but living there doesn’t have to be. For some, the lure to live in the capital to get a high-profile job doesn’t appeal, especially after the pandemic years.  That’s why many people continue to opt out of living in London for a quieter life in one of the many commuter towns.

Relocating to Surrey 

 People with young families often relocate to Surrey because they get more value for money on the housing market. Additionally, there are excellent schools, fresher air, and more green spaces for outdoor activities.

And Surrey isn’t just a scenic place to enjoy being outside in a quieter environment. We have a lot of vibrant towns that cater to Londoners who are wary of a significant culture shock. Surrey could be the ideal home away from London with some of the UK’s finest restaurants and plenty of places to drink and enjoy nights out.

Although the press isn’t always favorable for rail transport, the reality is the lines into London are improving. You can be in the city within an hour or less, depending on which part of London you’re travelling to. You can catch up on emails and prepare for the big meeting while you head into the capital. It might even turn out to help your productivity when you become a regular commuter.

Surrey and London compared 

According to Surrey Live, the following towns are Surrey’s best picks for commuter locations from  last year.   We’ll look at them in a bit more detail, including houses prices, cost of living, and train data. This should give any prospective buyers some decent information when scouting. But we also think it’s wise to sign up with an estate agent so they can filter and create a suitable viewings list.

Please note – the individual cost of living data isn’t available for each location. To give a general overview of this, we’re using Surrey to compare London.

  • Standard of life average in Surrey – £4,058.98
  • Standard of life average in London – £4900.00

 The average house price in London is £681,427, so you can compare it to each location in Surrey

Five Commuter towns in Surrey 






What is the best place to live in Surrey? 


with average house prices well below London rates, Guildford offers an excellent balance for people moving from the capital. There are two train stations with regular traffic in and out of London and other major cities. Guildford has a lot of entertainment and culture, in addition to green spaces on the outskirts of town. This is the place for people who want change but not a complete culture shock. 

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nother popular location for commuters, Staines is also good value for money for homeowners. Staines has a thriving economy of its own, and many multinational corporations have offices in the town. For Londoners, Staines is the natural choice because of its proximity to London. There are lots of places to enjoy your time off here if you want to eat out or enjoy drinks in the town centre. Staines is also known for its excellent educational institutions which makes it ideal for young families. If you are interested in moving to Staines contact us here for a quote

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with a short commute into the capital, Dorking is one of the dark horses of commuter towns. Although the house prices are average for Surrey and much lower than London, it still has a relatively small population. There are lots of entertainment and culture on offer, in addition to lots of scenic countryside views. The town has unbeatable transport links – with three train stations you won’t struggle to commute. If Dorking is your destination get in touch with us here

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Reigate station offers a 48-minute commute into London Victoria, and for those who need to reach the City choose to live on the east side of the town for easy access to nearby Redhill station which offers direct trains into London Bridge. With its own boutiques and café’s and nice period houses, Reigate is an attractive option.  Plenty of restaurants and green spaces to satisfy and with Gatwick close by its an excellent option for those with an international commute. 

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Weybridge is a popular town for commuters due to the frequent trains. The excellent schools both state and independent draw families in.  With a bustling high street and the river on your doorstep it has many desirable attributes.  The large parks and river walks, plus skate park and bmx tracks make it a great place for families to thrive.  With RHS Wisley close by and a great café culture, there are a lot of activities in this stately location.  If you are interested in speaking with our dedicated Weybridge team contact us here

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Epsom is another popular destination for families in search of a good school.  Situated in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of the Surrey Hills, it has period charm going back to the Georgian era, when Epsom was a popular spa town. Popular because of its train links you can travel from Epsom to London Waterloo in peak times within 36 minutes direct.Epsom to London Victoria takes 39 minutes with a direct service. With the Epsom Downs and Thanet Beds as surrounding countryside there is a lot of open space.  A thriving market town Epsom has all the high street favourites, but with a classic market feel. 

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Guaranteeing your next move – A Five Star Service 

When booking a removal or storage service, the thing we all want is good customer service. It’s essential to feel confident in your moving company and that everything reaches your new home in one piece. Typically, this means paying over the market average for an expensive company. However, there’s a way of researching to see if you can match value for money and excellent service delivery.

By using Google Reviews, Trustpilot and Facebook, you can see how previous customers rated them. Furthermore, they often leave written reviews giving feedback on the service they received. This is an invaluable tool that places more power on the consumer. You can read WH Cox & Son’s five-star ratings and reviews here.

At WH Cox & Son, we can help you with the practical steps for moving to one of Surrey’s commuter towns. For many people, relocating causes a lot of stress, and they worry about forgetting tasks because of other commitments. Luckily, we’re here to assist you at every stage of the process, including the planning and preparation for your move.

WH Cox  and Sons Removals Surrey

WH Cox & Son relocate thousands of people every year in Surrey, with many searching for a lower cost of living and bigger homes. The best part is you won’t have to sacrifice your job in the capital. The transport links between Surrey and London are excellent, with most commutes under one hour by train. It’s possible to have a large, detached house with a decent garden without finding a new job.

Customer service is the cornerstone of everything we do here at WH Cox. This extends beyond our removals and storage services. We believe in passing on helpful information that helps people realise their ambitions. For us, it’s all part of a comprehensive level of customer care, which results in a successful relocation.

If you’re planning an upcoming move from London to a commuter town in Surrey, please feel free to contact us. In addition to having a broad selection of removals and storage packages, we’ll happily discuss life in Surrey with you.