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The Most Popular Commuter Towns in Surrey

Posted on July 13, 2018 by W.H. Cox
The Most Popular Commuter Towns in Surrey

Surrey is one of the UK’s top-ranking places to live, and many of its towns and villages are popular places for people relocating from London. Surrey has excellent transport connections to the capital and all Southern England, which makes it an ideal location if you want a better quality of life. You can have the best of both worlds in Surrey.

For residents of Surrey, the WH Coxteam understand why people choose to move to our county. We enjoy more sunshine that most of the UK per year, in addition to having cleaner air and lots of green spaces and scenic views. To help anyone who’s thinking of moving, we’ve put together our favourite commuter towns in Surrey.

The Top Commuter Towns in Surrey –

Guildford– with average house prices well below London rates, Guildford offers an excellent balance for people moving from London. There are two train stations with regular traffic in and out of London and other major cities. Guildford has a lot of entertainment and culture, in addition to lots of greenspaces on the outskirts of the town. This is the place for people who want change but not a complete culture shock.

Horley– with a population of just over twenty-thousand, Horley isn’t overwhelming in size. But it’s still known as a vibrant town with plenty of business opportunities and an easy commute to London and Gatwick. Horley’s house prices are much lower than Guildford so there could be a hidden gem waiting to be found.

Staines– another popular location for commuters, Staines is also good value for money for housing. Staines has a thriving economy of its own, and many multinational corporations have offices in the town. For Londoners, Staines is the natural choice because of its proximity to London. There are lots of places to enjoy your time off here if you want to eat out or enjoy drinks in the town centre. Staines is also known for its excellent educational institutions which makes it ideal for young families.

Dorking – with a short commute into the capital, Dorking is one of the dark horses of commuter towns. Although the house prices are average for Surrey and much lower than London, it still has a relatively small population. There are lots of entertainment and culture on offer, in addition to lots of scenic countryside views. The town has unbeatable transport links – with three train stations you won’t struggle to commute.

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WH Cox & Sonmoves thousands of people in Surrey every year, and we often relocate people from London. We encourage our customers to give us feedback which provides us with insight into why people choose to live in commuter towns. And most people tell us that they still want access to London, but they want better value for their money and a quieter pace of life.

Surrey is a commuter county because of our close distance to London. Of course, this also means that every town in Surrey has excellent transport links and regular trains into the capital. Other than the money you’ll need for the train season ticket, you’ll save a fortune by moving into a property that offers value for money.

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