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Top Home Moving Tips Part Two: Prepare for Your Moving Day

Posted on November 2, 2023 by W.H. Cox
Top Home Moving Tips Part Two: Prepare for Your Moving Day

Have you ever wondered how to transform your upcoming home move into an efficient and stress-free process? Throughout this journey, we’ve explored various facets of moving, covering decluttering, packing, selecting a removal company, and addressing unexpected challenges on your moving day. So, what’s the next step to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new home?

Your answer lies right here. In the forthcoming segment of our moving guide, we’ll delve deep into the moving checklist, providing you with actionable insights and strategies to navigate the intricacies of moving. With WH Cox & Son as your trusted companion, you’ll effortlessly navigate the complexities of your move. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog, your ultimate guide to a seamless and stress-free relocation.


  • Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Removal Company

  • Overview of a Successful Relocation

  • A Backup Plan for Emergency Moves

  • Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

  • Avoid These Common Moving Day Mistakes

Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Removal Company

When it comes to hiring a removal company, there are essential insights to keep in mind. Whether you’re planning a move with WH Cox or another trusted service, these tips will make the process smoother and cost-effective.

Comparing Quotes:

Start by getting at least three quotes from different removal companies. This step helps you compare the prices and the services offered. Be cautious of very low estimates; they often lead to surprises on the day of the big move.

In-Home Survey:

You should opt for an in-home survey, which is increasingly done through video apps. It allows the removal company to accurately assess your needs and plan for moving day. Plus, it’s your chance to meet the team and ask any questions.

Reviewing Reviews:

Customer reviews are a goldmine of information. However, not all reviews are equal. Look for recent reviews from similar moves, and pay attention to any negative feedback. How did the company address issues? A responsive company is often a trustworthy one.

Digging into Details:

Do your homework on the removal company. Check their legitimacy through the company house database and verify their registered address. Ensure their contact details work and that you have alternatives if needed. Look for affiliations with respected organizations like the British Association of Removers (BAR), and a Quality Policy is a bonus.

Knowing the No-Go Items:

Remember that there are items a removal company can’t move due to health and safety regulations. Be well-informed about these restrictions before moving day.

Overview of a Successful Relocation

Declutter to Cut Costs:

Decluttering your home is a surefire way to reduce your home moving expenses. Before you embark on your move, take the time to sort through your belongings and lighten the load.

Professional Packing:

Packing is often the most dreaded part of a home move. It’s time-consuming and can be costly. Consider the convenience of hiring professional packers to tackle this task, giving you more time to focus on other moving essentials.

Mastering the Checklist:

Using a home moving checklist is a game-changer. It ensures you don’t miss any crucial tasks during the hectic moving process. Stay organized and keep stress at bay.

Insurance Insights:

Check your insurance policy carefully. Many policies won’t cover loss or damage during a home move if you’ve packed your items. Understanding your coverage is key to peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly Packing:

Consider plastic tote boxes as a packing alternative to cardboard. They’re more environmentally friendly and maybe a cost-effective choice. Plus, there’s no need to worry about disposal after the move.

Labeling Matters:

Labeling your moving boxes is a small effort that yields significant results. It helps the removal team place each box in the fitting room, keeps you informed about its contents, and ensures no box goes missing.

Simplify Reconnection:

Before unplugging electronics like stereo systems and PCs, snap photos and label connections. It’s a simple step that makes the reconnection process a breeze.

Moving Day Essentials:

Pack a box with must-have items like medication and essential paperwork. But remember, this box should not go on the removal van; keep it handy during your move day.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into these moving insights, equipping you with the knowledge to make your home transition as smooth as possible.

A Backup Plan for Emergency Moves

Moving home at the last minute may seem daunting, but with the proper organization, it’s entirely achievable. If you’re not going for a professional removal company due to budget constraints, follow these tips to expedite your move.

Streamline Your Belongings:

Start by decluttering your home. While it may seem tempting to toss everything into boxes, this approach will cost you more time and money. Trim down your belongings for a more efficient move.

Stay on Track with a Checklist:

A home moving checklist is your trusted companion when you’re in a hurry. It ensures you stay organized and don’t miss any crucial tasks amid your fast-paced move.

Smart Use of Clothes:

Clothes you no longer need can serve as padding inside moving boxes. Wear these items in the days leading up to the move, and then take them to the recycling centre, saving you time and laundry.

Get Creative with Packing:

Utilize what’s already in your home—suitcases, backpacks, and sturdy bin liners are excellent packing options that won’t cost you extra. You’ll need these items anyway, reducing the expense of buying additional boxes.

Maximize Space:

Leave items in drawers to save boxes and space in the removal van. For hanging garments, slip a large rubbish sack over them to keep them clean.

Size Matters:

Use smaller boxes over larger ones when packing your belongings. They’re easier and quicker to handle, a valuable feature when time is of the essence.


Enlist the support of family and friends to expedite the process. Additional helping hands can make a significant difference during a swift move.

Efficiency with Packed Boxes:

Designate an area for your packed boxes, allowing you to clean the rooms and seal them off once they’re done.

Furniture Decisions:

If you need to part with furniture you won’t be taking, consider a house clearance company or donate to a local charity. They often offer quick pickups, sometimes for free.

Child and Pet Care:

Arrange for child and pet care while you pack and on moving day. This frees up a substantial amount of your time for the move.

Minimize Packing:

Give half-empty packets and bottles to friends and family, saving you packing time and avoiding any potential spills during the move.

Prepare Your Freezer:

Please turn off your freezer a few days before your move; it takes about 48 hours to defrost properly.

Moving Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Moving to a new home can be daunting, but it mustn’t be a stress-inducing experience. Often, the stress associated with moving results from poor planning and disorganization.

Tips for a Stress-Free Move:

To ensure your home move is as smooth and stress-free as possible, consider these top tips:

Start Early:

Begin the moving process as early as possible. The more time you allocate, the less stress you’ll encounter. As the old saying goes — Don’t put off it off until tomorrow what you can do t today.

Get Organized:

Utilize home moving checklists and planners to maintain excellent organization and avoid missing essential tasks.

Create a Floor Plan:

A floor plan for your new home ensures you don’t move items that won’t fit, simplifying the process.


Part with items that no longer serve you. Decluttering reduces the load and makes your move more efficient.

Choose Your Removal Company Wisely:

Selecting the right removal company is crucial. Thoroughly research and assess any potential company before hiring.

Effective Communication:

Maintain open and clear communication with all parties involved in the move to avoid any unexpected surprises during the final week before your relocation.

Quality Packing Materials:

Invest in high-quality packing materials to safeguard your belongings during the move.

Photograph and Label:

Take photographs and label complicated connections, making it easier to reconnect electronic devices and other complex systems.

Pack an Essentials Box:

Prepare a box with essential items you’ll need on moving day, such as water, snacks, important documents, and medication. Keep this box with you to prevent accidental loading onto the moving van.

Label with Precision:

Detailed inventory and labelling on boxes facilitate the placement of boxes in their respective rooms at your new home. It also makes it easier to locate items before all boxes are unpacked.

Ensure Safety for Kids and Pets:

Arrange for friends or family to look after your children and pets on moving day, reducing stress, and ensuring their safety.

Complete Packing Early:

Finish packing the day before the move to avoid last-minute panics and ensure a smoother transition.

Start the Day Right:

Rise early on your moving day to kickstart the day relaxed, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Avoid These Common Moving Day Mistakes

Despite meticulous planning and a competent removal company, unforeseen events can disrupt your moving day. Being adequately insured is crucial to mitigate potential issues.

Insurance Safeguards:

Consider these insurance options to safeguard your moving day:

Late Key Waiver:

If the release of keys to your new home is delayed, a late key waiver insurance will prevent you from incurring charges for the removal company’s waiting time.

Cancellation Waiver:

In the case of a home moving chain collapse, a cancellation waiver ensures coverage for any costs incurred from cancelling your removal company.

Prepare for the Unexpected:

While some situations are beyond your control, you can plan for certain inconveniences and challenges:


Unfavourable weather may make moving uncomfortable. Wrap your moving boxes in industrial cling film to protect them while retaining the visibility of box labels. Dress appropriately for expected weather conditions.

Traffic Delays:

Road closures and traffic delays may happen unexpectedly. Keep a moving day essentials box with you to ensure you have essential items, even if the removal van is delayed.


Don’t forget to organize parking at your new home. Ensure the removal company handles parking arrangements and inquire about any additional costs.

Occupied New Home:

Delays by the previous occupants can happen. Consider insurance to cover potential costs associated with such delays.

Access Issues:

Sometimes, you may be unable to move into your new home as planned. Discuss storage options with your removal company.


Be prepared for unconnected utilities by having candles and torches in your moving day essentials box.

Prevent Accidents:

Minimize injury risks by maintaining clear walkways, keeping children and pets safe, wearing suitable clothing, and avoiding lifting or moving heavy items.

Mental Preparation:

Expect the unexpected and mentally prepare for challenges. Remember that professional removal teams have experience handling various moving day events, reducing stress.

Comprehensive Planning:

Your moving day plan’s thoroughness determines the impact of unexpected events. The better prepared you are, the less likely any issues will become showstoppers.

Mastering Stress-Free Relocations with WH Cox & Son

At WH Cox & Son, we’re dedicated to providing invaluable information and assistance, whether you’re planning a move with us or seeking expert guidance. Our team of seasoned industry professionals with decades of experience stands ready to offer accurate advice for a seamless relocation.

You can read our first blog for comprehensive, stress-free moves here. We have a proven track record of providing the highest standards for removal and storage. Don’t take our word for it; see what our previous customers think here.

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