Why People Still Love to Commute to London and Live in Surrey

Posted on September 29, 2018 by W.H. Cox
Why People Still Love to Commute to London and Live in Surrey

For a lot of ambitious young people as they leave college or university, their career path and drive points in London’s direction. London is where the major economic and business decisions are made and where innovation happens. New sectors and companies begin their life here, and it’s where everyone who wants to make a name for themselves gravitate towards. And it’s more than just business. The vibe and energy that thrives in London is all part of the experience.

However, as we get older and make progress, London can feel a bit exhausting. The constant movement of the city feels noticeably loud and non-stop. That’s why many people continue to opt out of living in London for a quieter life in one of the many commuter towns. Relocating to the neighbouring counties is still a popular choice for the thirty plus age group. Working in London is essential but living there doesn’t have to be.

The Advantages of Commuting to London from Surrey –

While London is still a great place to work, it might not want to spend all your time there. Of course, it’s all to do with personal circumstances, which inevitably change over time. People with young families often relocate to Surrey because they get more value for money on the housing market. Additionally, there are excellent schools, fresher air and more green spaces for outdoor activities.

And Surrey isn’t just a scenic place to enjoy being outside in a quieter environment. We have a lot of vibrant towns that cater to Londoners who are wary of a significant culture shock. With some of the UK’s finest restaurants and plenty of places to drink and enjoy nights out, Surrey could be the ideal home away from London.

Although the press isn’t always favourable for rail transport, the reality is the lines into London are improving. You can be in the city within an hour or less, depending on which part of London you’re travelling to. You can catch up on emails and prepare for the big meeting while you head into the capital. It might even turn out to help your productivity when you become a regular commuter.

Choosing the Right Removals Company if You’re Relocating –

If you’re beginning to put together your relocation, the first thing you should do is find the right removals company. WH Cox & Sonmakes regular trips to and from London every week. In fact, we often collect people from the capital instead of them using a local removals company.

That’s due to our affordable prices and high standard of customer service. WH Cox is cheaper than most London companies, and we come with the same of a better reputation for quality. We’re a member company of the Master Removers Group, an elite collective of companies that have proven track records for customer service.

Through this superior network of removals, storage and logistics companies, we can relocate you to Surrey, nationally and Europe. WH Cox is fortunate to enjoy having a loyal group of customers who use us for future removals and other services. You can read some of our recent and past reviews here to see what our customers rate us.

WH Cox & Son – We’re Surrey’s Favourite Removals and Storage Provider –

WH Cox & Son relocatethousands of people every year in Surrey, many from London who are looking for a better quality of life. And with transport becoming faster and more convenient, it makes perfect sense to put some distance between work and home life. You can create a manageable balance between the office and family time.

No one is going to argue that work isn’t important, especially for successful business people. However, you can get the best of both worlds by living close to London, as well as being far enough away from the capital. Additionally, you can get a much larger home in Surrey in comparison to London’s prices.

WH Coxhas customers who choose to keep their property in London to make a second income. It takes some initial investment, but the London rental prices often have a pleasing return on investment. And when you make the decision to move to Surrey, make sure you contact WH Coxto relocate you.

If you want to discuss our range of removals services, contact ustoday. WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s favourite removals and storage provider.