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What’s Great About Twickenham?

Posted on June 30, 2022 by W.H.Cox
Removals Company Twickenham

Twickenham – Life on the River 

On the southwest edge of London, Twickenham sits alongside the Thames in the borough of Richmond upon Thames.  It became part of London in 1965 due to considerable expansion from 1800 onwards.  World famous for being the “home of English Rugby”, Twickenham stadium is the largest rugby stadium in the world. Crowds of people make pilgrimages there for rugby and music events.  Along with Richmond and St Margarets, Twickenham has a beautiful Thames side aspect.  The historic riverside had a network of 18th-century buildings and pleasure grounds, in keeping with the atmosphere of Richmond Upon Thames.

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Moving You from Surrey to Anywhere in the UK

Posted on June 28, 2019 by W.H. Cox
Organise and Covid-Clean Your Home in Surrey

If you have an upcoming relocation in Surrey in the next few months, there is plenty of planning and organising for you to contend with. Moving to a new home is not to be taken lightly and will definitely take a lot of time and energy before you reach your new location. And if you’re moving further afield, things get a little more complicated for national removals where distance becomes an issue.

Depending on what company in Surrey you book with, you may find that you’re dealing with more than one removal provider at the same time. This is where mistakes start happening, and conflicting information and different levels of service delivery begin to make things complicated. By choosing a removals company that excels in national relocations, you’ll find things are much more manageable. And in Surrey, WH Cox and Son is the number one company for all UK relocations.

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Your First Move

Posted on July 14, 2016 by W.H.Cox

What could be more exciting than making your first ever move? We don’t mean moving into short-term student digs, which is another matter – we’re talking about the nest-flying moment when you move out of your parental home and into the world. It’s a rite of passage that ushers you into adulthood once and for all, with – all being well – no turning back. It’s daunting, of course, but that’s more than mitigated by the sheer optimism that characterises this moment when it comes, in whatever guise, beckoning you into the realm of the fully grown-up. Still, it pays not to rush headlong into it with nary a thought or plan. In fact, it’s vital to give it proper forethought. Of course, there’s never going to be the perfect time of readiness – we have to take the plunge with a bit of blind faith because we can’t know the future. But we can still make sure we’re as primed as we can be, so that, fingers crossed, it all goes well. Here are some considerations to ponder when your first move approaches, whether you’re 16 or 36.
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Tips for Selling Your House

Posted on April 15, 2016 by W.H.Cox

Sometimes the market’s sluggish, but at other times there’s no clear reason why you’re house isn’t coming off the market. Your life feels like it’s in limbo and it’s incredibly frustrating. But are there things you could be doing to improve the situation? The answer is a resounding yes! So it’s time to feel empowered and start doing them. Here we present just a few of the steps you can take to make your house sell. Why not try them and see just how effective they are.



Revive tired, listless rooms with a quick coat of paint, opting for a neutral-ish colour that isn’t excessively individual but which allows viewers to overlay their own imaginations on to the room. By choosing a neutral colour, it’ll also allow for any kind of furniture to work well in the room, meaning viewers will perceive your house as somewhere they could move into immediately. Don’t leave out the front door – giving this a facelift with fresh paint will mean that prospective buyers are immediately greeted by a smart, appealing vision.

Brightness and ethereality

Make corridors and rooms come to life with the judicious use of mirrors. They have a transformative effect, especially on the more petite areas of the property. Think ‘brightness’ and ‘lightness’ as you go from room to room, cleaning the windows and awakening dark recesses with free-standing lamps. Prospective buyers will enjoy how soothed they feel without necessarily being able to put their finger on why.


If you were going on a date and keen to make a good first impression, wouldn’t you spruce up your physical appearance and put on good clothing? In much the same way, your house needs titivating before it gets presented. Attractive throws on sofas, plants and vases of flowers, clean, sparkly windows, bowls of fruit – all these things accessorise your rooms and make them more good-looking.


The last thing you want is a persistently dripping tap in the kitchen, mould or damp patches on ceilings, broken bathroom tiles, peeling-off bathtub sealant or cigarette burns on a carpet. Mend, repair and fix all of this before anyone sets foot within.


It stands to reason and yet still it needs stating – cleanliness is next to saleability. From corner to corner and top to bottom, clean, clean, clean. Every room gets an instant upgrade when it’s been thoroughly cleaned and a freshness

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Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Surrey

Posted on December 10, 2015 by W.H.Cox

Surrey Beauty Spot

Over the course of more than four decades as a removal company in Surrey, we’ve become increasingly aware of its extraordinary beauty. Although it’s Kent that’s often called the ‘garden of England’, we sometimes feel that it’s this county that deserves the accolade. In short, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are parts of the countryside in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (in Scotland, the term ‘National Scenic Area’ is used instead), which have been made conservation areas because of their wonderful landscape. Surprisingly, there are only two in Surrey – we felt certain there had to be more (we’re a little bit biased, in case you couldn’t tell). The first is the Surrey Hills. Spanning a quarter of the county, they encompass the chalk hills of the North Downs and stretch from Farnham to Oxsted. Within them lie the Greensand Hills of Haslemere. From thick woodland to quaint, picture-postcard villages to bustling market towns, exploring this part of Surrey is like stepping into a technicolor filmset. The landscape is teeming with wildlife, rare insects and plants, and thanks to their photogenic beauty, the Surrey Hills have the honour of being the very first place to be given the AONB designation back in 1958, ensuring that they remain as they are, carefully conserved and managed (some sections are owned by the National Trust), both for us and for future generations to enjoy indefinitely.

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Helpful Tips If you are moving to Surrey

Posted on November 25, 2015 by W.H.Cox

WH Cox & Son have been moving people to Surrey for the last forty years. This beautiful home county of gentle, rolling hills, verdant meadows, quaint villages and lively, bustling towns is a very popular choice for families looking to escape London while simultaneously remaining close to it and well-connected. Indeed, several London boroughs, including Lambeth, Croydon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Southwark, were once part of Surrey. If you’re moving to this county, perhaps for the first time, then it helps to be as clued up as possible about local amenities – such as schools and places of cultural interest. Because we’re a Surrey-based removals company, with four decades’ worth of happy clients to our name, we’ll be able to help you through the moving process from start to finish, giving you the kind of trouble-free moving you didn’t even dare think was possible.

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Moving Made Easy with Your Mobile

Posted on November 21, 2015 by W.H.Cox

Moving Home with you phone

A smartphone can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a smooth, trouble-free move rather than a haphazard, disorganised scramble that leaves your brain fried and your life in tatters. By using the appropriate apps and functionality of your phone, you can dramatically up your efficiency and streamline the whole process. In the unlikely event that you haven’t acquired a smartphone, then a tablet can be used to much the same effect. To make your move in this new, switched-on and booted-up, modern manner, here are some suggestions, designed to help you make the most of the available technology.

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