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Relocating to Epsom, Surrey: Practical Guidance and Local Insights

Posted on February 18, 2024 by W.H. Cox
Relocating to Epsom, Surrey: Practical Guidance and Local Insights

Are you thinking of moving to Surrey? Epsom might be your answer. Ever felt the hustle of London is wearing you down, but the idea of leaving feels like jumping into the unknown? You’re not alone. Living in London has its challenges, and many folks find the idea of a change appealing. That’s where Epsom in Surrey steps in – it’s not just a place; it’s a potential solution.

Picture this: you want the best of both worlds – London’s vibrant work scene and Epsom’s laid-back charm. Moving? It’s a puzzle. Where do you even start? That’s where we come in. WH Cox & Son has your back with a quick guide for those eyeing Epsom as their new home. From the initial questions in your mind to the services you’ll need.


  • Exploring Epsom’s Charm
  • Navigating the Housing Landscape in Epsom
  • Efficient Transportation in Epsom
  • Educational Opportunities in Epsom
  • Local Amenities and Services in Epsom
  • Top Moving and Storage Tips
  • Understanding the Relocation Process
  • Next Steps Towards a Successful Relocation

Exploring Epsom’s Charm

Epsom, synonymous with sporting and historical eminence, emerges as a noteworthy destination in Surrey. It’s not merely a locale; it presents a potential remedy for those seeking reprieve from the relentless pace of London.

Epsom effortlessly weaves together historical landmarks, a diverse entertainment scene, natural splendour, and a calendar abuzz with upcoming events, establishing itself as an ideal haven for those pursuing a dynamic and varied lifestyle.

Notable Landmarks

  • Epsom Downs Racecourse: Host to the globally esteemed Epsom Derby.
  • Nonsuch Mansion: A historical dwelling enveloped by 300 acres of gardens, a favoured backdrop for weddings and gatherings.
  • Clock Tower: A distinctive timepiece in red stone, its origins intertwined with a pond from the Middle Ages.

A Diverse Palette of Entertainment

Outdoor Features

Save the Date – 2024’s Calendar of Events

Navigating the Housing Landscape in Epsom

Epsom extends a varied tapestry of housing options, accommodating distinct lifestyles. Whether the allure of a detached dwelling, the equilibrium of semi-detached living, the snug embrace of terraced residences, the convenience of apartments, or the contemporary allure of new developments – choices abound in Epsom.

Property Price Dynamics

Over the past year, Epsom’s property market has carved a unique trajectory. Reflecting an average price of £582,405, it stands notably above the national average yet significantly beneath the towering figures synonymous with London’s real estate landscape. Detailed breakdowns include:

  • Detached Houses: £920,450
  • Semi-detached Houses: £630,104
  • Terraced Houses: £474,926
  • Flats and Apartments: £328,771

Renting vs. Buying Insight

For those contemplating rental prospects, Epsom presents an average monthly cost of around £2,195 (£1,800 median). While seemingly substantial, a comparative glance at London’s rates, averaging £4,447 monthly (£2,950 median), underscores the relative affordability of Epsom. Yet, delving into numerical averages requires nuanced consideration of individual needs before making housing decisions.

Summarising Epsom’s Housing Scene

Epsom’s housing panorama strikes a balance – above the national average, below the towering figures of London. Whether contemplating purchase or lease, navigating this landscape necessitates a clear understanding of personal preferences to navigate the nuanced currents of Epsom’s real estate offerings.

Efficient Transportation in Epsom

In the intricate dance of Epsom’s transportation options, the railway station’s connectivity, local bus services crisscrossing key routes, well-maintained road links, and proximity to major airports define a landscape where travel seamlessly aligns with daily life.

Epsom’s Railway Hub

Epsom (Surrey) railway station is a vital transportation nexus on Station Road. South Western Railway and Southern connect commuters to London Victoria, London Waterloo, Sutton, Dorking, Guildford, and Horsham, offering a well-connected gateway.

Train Journey to London

For those eyeing the London commute, the journey time from Epsom varies slightly across sources. On average, it’s a 35–44-minute ride, with the fastest clocking in at 31-36 minutes. With approximately 139 trains operating daily, there’s a reliable rhythm, though weekends and holidays may add more to the clock.

Local Bus Connectivity

Epsom’s local bus services weave through different routes, connecting destinations like Morden, West Croydon, Colliers Wood, and Kingston. With buses arriving at least four times an hour to London Victoria and London Waterloo, the Epsom High Street bus stop becomes a bustling hub served by routes 293, 166, 470, and 406.

Navigating by Road

Epsom’s road network, encompassing the A24, A240, and A2022, ensures fluid connectivity. The A24 leads, forming a crucial north-south artery to London and Surrey. The A240 extends east-west, linking Epsom to Kingston upon Thames and the North Downs—meanwhile, the A2022 threads through nearby towns and transport links.

Airport Proximity

Epsom’s strategic location brings two major airports within reach. London Gatwick, approximately 20 miles away, and London Heathrow, standing at 13 miles, offer convenient air travel options for Epsom residents.

Educational Opportunities in Epsom

In education, Epsom unfolds as a landscape where proactive inquiries secure spots, public and private options, and lifelong learning isn’t just a phrase – it’s a vibrant reality. Whether it’s the early steps of primary education, navigating the teen years, or embracing learning at any age, Epsom’s educational spectrum is diverse and accessible.

For families settling in Surrey, the educational path is a crucial consideration. Space in schools can be a challenge, so what’s our advice? Start those inquiries early. We’re here to set you on the right track, offering shortcuts to educational institutions spanning all age groups.

Primary and Secondary Insights

Here’s the drill: Reach out to a few schools. Treat each inquiry like it’s your top pick. Hit their websites, delve into Ofsted ratings, and grab those reports. And when you’re in Epsom, consider arranging face-to-face meetings. Schools on your radar:

Independent Alternatives

Private or public? It hinges on your circumstances. Repeat the drill – websites, Ofsted scores, direct contact. Independent options:

Epsom College Experience

Are you looking for post-GCSE education? Epsom College steps up with a solid academic rep. Co-ed, independent, with boarding options for ages 11-18.

Lifelong Learning Avenues

If you’re all about lifelong learning, Epsom’s got you covered. Two main options for the mature student, offering diverse courses throughout Surrey:

  • Epsom Adult Learning Centre
  • Surrey Adult Learning Service

Local Amenities and Services in Epsom

Arriving in Epsom sparks a whirlwind of decisions. We’re here with key intel on local amenities and vital services to ease the process. Our pro-tip? Make it an overnighter for the complete Epsom immersion. Scout B&Bs and hotels, set up school meetings, and explore potential properties while you’re in town.

With its bustling shopping, serene green spaces, and robust healthcare, Epsom unfolds as a community where essentials seamlessly weave into daily life. Connecting with local authorities ensures a safety net, making Epsom not just a destination but a well-supported home.

Shopping and Dining Hub

Epsom’s heartbeat pulses in The Ashley Centre, a shopping haven catering to diverse needs. For farm-fresh delights and more, swing by Garsons Farm Shop – a local gem offering a delightful culinary experience.

Recreation in Nature’s Embrace

Nature beckons at Claremont Landscape Garden, a serene retreat. Epsom Common, a Local Nature Reserve, unfolds with 438 acres of natural beauty, embracing woodlands, grasslands, and scrub.

Healthcare at Your Fingertips

Health matters, and Epsom’s got you covered. Derby Medical Centre and Esher Groves extend healthcare services. Epsom General Hospital and Molesey Hospital stand as pillars of medical care in the vicinity.

Council and Emergency Support

Navigating the essentials involves connecting with Epsom and Ewell Borough Council for local matters. Surrey Council, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, and Surrey Police ensure safety and support.

Epsom Hospital

For comprehensive healthcare, Epsom Hospital stands as a cornerstone. Its services are knit into the fabric of Epsom’s health landscape.

Top Moving and Storage Tips

Choosing a removal company becomes a thorough process for moving and storage, from online scrutiny to personal interactions. Whether you’re a DIY packer or opt for professional help, the goal is a smooth transition. Epsom’s moving landscape, much like its community, thrives on reliability and practicality.

Selecting a Trustworthy Removal Company

  1. Begin your journey with online reviews, aiming for a solid 4.5 and above on Google.
  2. Dive into customer testimonials for a sneak peek into the service standards awaiting you.
  3. Look out for the BAR (British Association of Removers) accreditation and an internal Quality Policy – indicators of care and assurance.
  4. Gauge professionalism and friendliness by reaching out to potential moving companies.
  5. Don’t hesitate to request three separate quotes – most movers offer free assessments.

Efficient Packing Strategies

  1. Take charge of packing non-essentials in the lead-up to the move, saving you precious time.
  2. Consider renting a storage unit for these items, creating space and reducing home clutter.
  3. Opt for sturdy packing boxes; avoid the freebies from local stores prone to collapsing.
  4. Embrace labelling and categorisation by room – a home inventory app with images can be a handy ally.
  5. If packing seems daunting, hand over the reins to us. We’ll coordinate a seamless packing experience.

Understanding the Relocation Process

The relocation process in Epsom is a well-choreographed dance where planning takes centre stage. The partnership with a professional mover ensures a harmonious move, from meticulous scheduling on a moving day to a thoughtful post-move setup. Epsom’s relocation rhythm aligns with preparedness and efficient transitions, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a seamless move.

Pre-move Planning

  1. Optimise your moving checklist, tailoring it to your unique circumstances and actively ticking off tasks.
  2. Craft a timeline using a blank calendar, setting deadlines, and allocating specific tasks weekly to avoid oversights.
  3. Notify relevant parties of your moving date and provide forwarding addresses.
  4. Inform the council and halt tax and municipal charges, ensuring a record of gas and electric meter readings.

Details of Moving Day

  • Secure a professional mover for a streamlined relocation experience.
  • A reputable removal company offers comprehensive support from planning to settling-in phases.
  • Plan the moving day meticulously, including set arrival and completion times to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Timing is crucial – avoid leaving everything until the final week before the big day.
  • Pack an essentials bag for the first few days in your new home as a final relocation tip.

Post-move Setup

  • Alleviate the post-move overwhelm by preparing for the initial days.
  • Leverage research on Epsom during the unpacking phase.
  • Identify local takeaway places and explore nearby shops to ease into your new surroundings.
  • Contact utility providers promptly for a seamless transition.
  • Discuss service providers with the current homeowner before exchanging keys and preparing for unforeseen issues with local contacts.

You can read more moving tips from our two-part blog series here and here.

Next Steps Towards a Successful Relocation

Embarking on a successful relocation to Epsom opens the door to a town harmonising vibrancy with serene tranquillity. Surrey, hailed as the commuter’s haven, offers respite from urban chaos and soaring expenses, drawing in numerous former Londoners weekly.

WH Cox, your relocation ally, specialises in stress-free moves, seamlessly blending affordability with top-tier customer service. Request a complimentary assessment and quote here for a hassle-free transition to Epsom’s allure.

Feel free to reach out if you seek more insights into our services or a deeper exploration of the area. Epsom awaits, promising a change of scenery and a lifestyle upgrade.