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Creating More Space with Storage in Surrey

Posted on January 4, 2024 by W.H. Cox
Creating More Space with Storage in Surrey

Now that the festive season is over, you might have much less space in your home, which means the loft and garage are being prepared for more boxes. Rather than start the New Year with the same bad habit of cramming as many possessions into any available space, it’s time to change things up. While they can be storage spaces, your garage and loft should be something other than a dumping ground. This year, make your New Year’s resolution to organise your home to create more space for living.

Luckily for Surrey’s residents, WH Cox & Son has storage options to help you create more space. With our container storage and self storage units, we have everything you need to create more space at home. If you’re also a business owner, storage is ideal to create more space in your office or factory. Let’s start with a clean slate using storage to help organise your home.


  • The Benefits of Using Self Storage in Surrey
  • Declutter and Organise: Make Space for Living
  • Local Recycling: Sustainable Living in Surrey
  • Smart Storage: Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Accessible
  • Reclaim Your Space: Garage, Loft, and Spare Room Makeover
  • The Best Storage Containers for Rent in Surrey

The Benefits of Using Self Storage in Surrey

One benefit that needs to be more widely known is how much space you can free up with storage. If you pack it correctly, you can fit the equivalent of a small flat in a 50-sq-ft storage unit. That means you can empty the entire contents of your garage and a spare room with a basic storage unit. That’s a massive amount of space with much potential for you to use for something else. What’s more, WH Cox has various sizes of storage units available.

Storage is ideal for keeping your belongings safe, especially if you have irreplaceable items. Suppose you are storing heirlooms in the loft. In that case, you should move them immediately and cease storing anything of value in potentially damp areas.

Your home isn’t made for storage purposes, meaning there is a potential for damage to occur. The typical roofing can leak during heavy rain, even in new-build homes. And while the water doesn’t always penetrate the roofing, it can cause dampness and rot, damaging your possessions.

That’s where storage can become an asset as you take extra measures to protect your possessions. By design, storage units can prevent rain or dampness from encountering your furniture or other things. Furthermore, every unit is under strict environmental control to avoid issues, and our storage facilities have state-of-the-art security measures.

Declutter and Organise: Make Space for Living

We’re here to make things easier – decluttering doesn’t need to be a chore. The best way to approach it is in a logical order with set deadlines.

Set Clear Goals:

Identify what you want from each room. Determine if a quick tidy or a thorough overhaul is needed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and home office.

Assess and Sort Items:

Go through your stuff, room by room. Categorise items to see what stays, goes and needs a new home.

Declutter Wardrobe / Declutter Cabinets:

Review your clothes in the bedroom. Donate or toss what you don’t wear. Do the same with kitchen cabinets – ditch the expired stuff and donate unused cookware.

Tackle Personal Items / Streamline Utensils:

Declutter personal items in the bedroom – keep what matters. In the kitchen, streamline utensils, keep the essentials, and ditch the duplicates.

Organise Storage Spaces:

Optimise your closets, drawers, and kitchen cabinets. Use innovative storage solutions to make the most of your space.

Simplify Furniture Arrangement:

Arrange furniture for a clean, functional layout. Create an open, spacious feel in every room.

Clear Surfaces:

Ditch unnecessary items on kitchen counters, living room tables, and bedroom dressers. Keep surfaces clean and inviting.

Evaluate Decor:

Assess decorative items – keep what enhances the vibe. Lose the excess to maintain a balanced look.

Regular Maintenance Plan:

Set a routine to keep things in check. Regularly declutter to prevent stuff from piling up.

Donate or Dispose:

Responsibly get rid of what you don’t need. Donate usable items to local charities or recycling centres.

Organisational Strategies:

Implement smart storage solutions, tidy up daily, label things for easy finding, and embrace minimalist design principles.

Benefits of Decluttering:

Feel less stressed and anxious. Boost your focus, mood, and overall mental health. Get more done in your day with a clutter-free space.

Organising your space is simple when you work with us. Self storage is the perfect option to help you organise and declutter. It’s not just about making space; it’s about making space for living.

Local Recycling: Sustainable Living in Surrey

In Surrey, a robust recycling system is in place, driven by the county council’s initiative. The focus is on reducing recyclable materials in general waste bins, with the latest Recycling in Surrey report boasting a commendable 54.5% recycling rate and a significant 71.2% reduction in contamination.

The council has introduced new services like food waste collection, the innovative Rethink Waste incentive scheme, and measures to minimise communal recycling rejections. Residents are further incentivised with rewards and discounted garden composting products through the Rethink Waste scheme, fostering a culture of waste reduction.

The Surrey County Council process involves meticulous planning applications managed by district and borough councils. Moreover, the process ensures compliance with legislative standards, from plan submission and independent examination to publicising plans.

The Council’s website provides a comprehensive guide detailing the decision-making structure and the scrutiny applied by councillors, offering transparency to the residents.

Surrey residents can conveniently visit community recycling centres for waste disposal. These centres, equipped with labelled containers for easy recycling, promote responsible waste management. Additionally, the county encourages composting through discounted garden composting products, which are available to residents who participate in a resident scheme requiring proof of residency.

Surrey’s waste management services are for households and businesses. However, business owners should contact the council to discuss waste and recycling criteria. The general ethos in Surrey is moving towards a sustainable future for future generations. Likewise, we can all do our part, even with something relatively minor, like recycling and reusing.

Smart Storage: Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Accessible

Before tossing your seasonal clothes into hiding, prep them for a comfortable stay. Here’s a quick and easy guide to ensure they look pristine.

Tips on Properly Storing Seasonal Clothing Items:

  • Seal the freshness: Stick your clothes in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags to keep them safe from dust and pests.
  • Label the deal: Make life easy by tagging those containers to spot your seasonal gems immediately.
  • Chill spot: Give your off-season clothes a cool, dry home to avoid surprise mould or mildew parties.
  • You can read our in-depth article that covers this in comprehensive detail.

Space-Saving Techniques for Organising a Wardrobe:

  • Hanger hack: Slim hangers are your closet’s BFF, saving space and giving your clothes room to breathe.
  • Tier Power: Level up with multi-tiered hangers for pants and skirts, creating space where you didn’t think you had any.
  • Underbed magic: Tame your shoes and accessories with underbed storage bins or hanging organisers.
  • Read more ideas for household storage and tips.

Importance of Rotation and Maintenance for Stored Clothing:

  • Spin the style wheel: Keep things fresh by giving your seasonal clothes a spin now and then.
  • Peek and check: Regularly snoop around your stored items to ensure no unexpected guests (ahem, pests) have crashed the party.
  • Launder love: Before a big sleep, give your clothes a little wash or dry cleaning to keep them stain-free and smell-free.

Storing your clothes isn’t just about playing hide-and-seek; it’s about keeping them in tip-top shape. So, seal, tag, and rotate your way to a wardrobe ready for any season. Your clothes will thank you with fresh vibes every time you pull them out.

Reclaim Your Space: Garage, Loft, and Spare Room Makeover

Decluttering and storage might not sound like the most remarkable topics, but let’s think big here – we’re talking about transforming your garage, loft, and spare room into spaces you’d want to use. Imagine your car in its rightful place – the garage – instead of hiding behind old boxes and forgotten stuff.

The secret? Toss out those outdated cables, plugs, and other clutter, and let storage do the heavy lifting. With newfound space, your car could become a cosy home or, better yet, a swanky new room. Have you ever considered a dedicated utility room in the garage, freeing up kitchen space?

Now, let’s talk about the loft. It’s not just a black hole for random things. How about turning it into a new bedroom, games room, or home office? The possibilities are endless, and the potential boost to your property value is a sweet bonus.

Lastly, that spare room drowning in clothes and containers? It’s a room, not a storage locker. Let’s give it the respect it deserves. Clear it out, and suddenly, you’ve got a guest room or a chance for some fun bedroom rearranging.

Reclaiming your space isn’t just about tidying up; it’s about unlocking the potential of every nook and cranny in your home. Who knew decluttering could be this exciting?

The Best Storage Containers for Rent in Surrey

The ethos behind WH Cox’s Container Storage service is unbeatable security for your possessions. Additionally, we believe in making it convenient for our customers to start storing with us. That’s why we’re bringing the container to you. We’ll transport one of our container units to your doorstep by lorry. Then, we’ll help you pack and create an inventory list.

After packing and sealing your container, we loot it back to our storage facilities. Each container goes into a holding position where it will remain until you need your possessions again. You will know that your belongings are safe and secure in our storage warehouse, which has excellent security systems.

Our customers know that their furniture, appliances, and other items are safe from theft or damage. And they use our container storage for various reasons. One of the most popular requirements for storage is relocations where there are gaps in the moving dates. People often sacrifice a few weeks or months to ensure they get their ideal property, and storage is the perfect solution for their belongings.

WH Cox & Son – Surrey’s Number One for Secure Storage

WH Cox & Son is proud to call Surrey home, and we work with hundreds of storage customers every month. Over the last forty years, we have earned our reputation as the county’s best removals and storage company with our dedication to customer service.

The WH Cox team believes that storage and removals should be available to everyone, so we keep our prices low. Our customers are fortunate to receive the best of both worlds – a high standard of customer service and good value for money.

WH Cox is Surrey’s best storage company; we go the extra mile for our customers. We’ll do everything possible to meet your requirements and be flexible. We also have a range of additional removal services if you consider relocating this year.

If you’re considering using storage in Surrey, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We’re always happy to discuss our range of services.